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When an angel shows up in your dreams, this means that you are sensing that goodness is coming. If the angel is coming to visit you it usually means that you feel that you have been good lately. You have probably committed a good deed or you have done something that you thought was worthy of special recognition. When the angel came to you did you remember what he or she said? Was it something that would be pleasing to you or were they bringing good news? Well, you deserve it because you have been very good lately.

Another thing that an angel would represent in your dreams is a form of protection. The angels would be your protectors from the evil things that haunt this world. This is the dream that you might have when you are very worried about something, going to a new place or experiencing something new. This dream would help you feel a lot more secure and does its job. This is your mindís way of telling you to calm down and not get so excited over something that might not end up being so bad. Instead go in with courage and be aware that you are protected.

Alternatively a dream of an angel could mean the complete opposite of good intentions, if you have been evil towards people or harboring negative intentions then the angel might show up as a way of bringing you back to reality and letting you know that your actions really have been hurting people. You need to take responsibility for you actions and not only that but you also need to recognize how your actions could be hurting others. Make sure not to do anything evil again, or the angels will plague your dreams reminding you of how unworthy you are of kindness. You will probably know which one of these interpretations applies to you most though.

If you have recently been trying to reach a new level of enlightenment with your religion, particularly if that religion is Christianity, then the angels might be showing up as an indication that you have finally reached that level that you were trying so hard to reach before. The angels are very important spiritual symbols and can be representative of the fact that even if you are not on your road to becoming more familiar with your lord and savior, perhaps you should be. Though if not of the Christian persuasion these images could just as easily be interpreted in a more general sense.

An angel is seen as a great example of all that is good. Though, despite the fact that the angel is a sign of good in and of itself, it does not necessarily mean that your dream has an intrinsically good message when you dream about them. Remember that angels will even show up for you if you have been bad because they have an interest in saving your soul even if you do not. They could be an indicator of good just as much as they are an indicator of evil.
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C.Mom 2014-03-30 20:55:40
I am in the same situation. I've had dreams about angels, and lefted wondering what does this all mean. About 2 weeks ago, I had a dream that I was @ this house with my 3 year old daughter. When someone told me to look. I turned around & there was about 10 angels & fairies (yes fairies) were in the middle of the street. They were all smiling, dancing, turning flips Iin mid-air. It was truly a joyous feeling that I had @ that moment coming from them. I have never felt so much joy & happiness coming from anyone. It literally felt as if this was real. Well I woke up with a feeling of confusion. Does this mean I am bout to die & they are welcoming me I just didnt know. Well a couple days after that I was @ my moms house, I found a picture of myself that I haven't seen in a while so I took a couple of pictures of the picture with my phone. Due to big white dots appearing in multiple pictures. Until I got the right one. Well a couple of days after that I was looking @ the pictures that I took. When I notice an angel in the picture with me above my head. & the angel only appeared in 1 of the 8 pictures that I had took. Now I'm truly puzzled, confused & worried. Because I'm thinking is something about to happen to me. Well I fell asleep night before last, & I had just dosed off. When instantly I was dreaming about alot &I do mean alot of bright colors shooting across my face. I looked over & stated to my 2 children, if they see all those angels shooting by. My kids were happy they seen the colors also. I told my son to hand me my phone so I could get some pictures of them. & soon as I got the phone in my hand to snap the picture I woke up... I looked into my phone to see if I had caught anything. But nothing was there this time. So here I am on 3/30/14. Cannot wrap my head around what's going on.

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sandra 2014-03-16 19:22:34
I had never had any kind of these types of dreams before that is why i needed to find out the meaning of my dream.
My dream had to do with a small cloud in the bright blue sky that started getting bigger and bigger turning into a huge angel with huge wings flapping them back and forth and as he would do that ,more angels were coming from behind him i mean a lot.
I have court next week due to my divorce i do nothing but to think how its going to turn out..
Now i kno i shouldnt worry ..my angels will be right next to me :-)

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Patricia 2014-03-05 20:40:42
The only dream I ever had of a angel was when I bought home my baby daughter, one night as she was sleeping soundly in her bassinet, I woke from my sleep, and like always I would look over at her bassinet that was by my bedside and check to see if she was OK, well anyway when I woke I looked over and there was a angel about 6 feet tall, standing with arms open right above the bassinet, the angel was all gold, like a statue...It was real, I saw every detail of it and there was no way it even was a dream. A few weeks after that I hit a moose on the road, I totaled my car, in the back was my two yr old and my baby girl two months old, we all came out with not one scratch, I really believe that angel was a sign bad was going to happen, but I also believe in my heart that the angel was my guardian angel and I was meant to see her and she truly did protect me that day, there was no way we all could have escaped that wreck alive....I SAW,I BELIEVE..and I FEEL compelled to share...do not have doubts! Angels Are Among Us.  :)

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Delores 2013-08-20 06:30:44
I had a dream about an angel at my back door trying too get in, mean while a person came in the front door and stated covering the door with spider web from her hand , saying this will protect you from evil , I remember looking back and forth at both of them so confused

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Chaselyne Crane 2013-04-22 15:27:42
Last night I dreamt of my first angel.. I am aboriginal and the angel in my dream was also aboriginal. I am currently staying in a family shelter and was sleeping in a church last night. Before I fell asleep I was crying and hurting really bad for stuff that was going on in my life. When I was dreaming it started off to be a normal dream.. I couldn't really sleep last night and I kept waking up. I felt something standing at my cott next my daughter and I thought I was dreaming but I don't think I was. I felt myself go deeper into dream and had been in a house with a couple people.. I felt the presence of something near in my dream and I got scared but he appeared and he was telling me and making me feel like everything is okay and he grabbed me by my arms and held me so long.. We started walking away and he kept kissing me and he told me he was thirsty I asked if he wanted a glass of water and he had told me that he can't drink the water and he wasn't able to. He told me he was going to go outside for abit and we were standing by the door and I said "if you can't drink water or anything then eat the snow.." He laughed and chuckled .. He grabbed me and held me strong and gave me a big kiss and said something to me but I then woke up instantly after he kissed me and all I heard was 30 angels. It was interesting to me. I was the only one sleeping where the main floor was where they have ceremonies. I haven't been in touch with the christian side but only through the creator. In my culture .. In what I believe in. This angel was very handsome and he had long braided hair and his presence was warm. And when he kissed me it made me feel loved deeply.

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Meme 2013-03-22 21:06:53
This past week, I had an angel appear in one of my dreams. I am a Christian, but recently I made the decision to truly devote my life to Christ and follow Him. I have been praying to God that He will remove all things/sins from my life that are hindering my relationship with Him. On this particular night, I had one of the most intense dreams I have ever had involving the one person in my life that has caused me so much stress. This dream quickly turned into a nightmare and everything seemed wrong. Then out of no where, an angel appeared to me. What I saw was like nothing I have ever seen or dreamed of in my entire life. What I saw was a tall, extremely bright, glowing figure. The glow of the light was so bright, the angel had a blueish topaz color aura around it. The angel did not have a skin color, but looked grayish/transparent. When I got the chance to get a glimpse of the angel's face, I was TERRIFIED! I was so afraid, I woke up. I can't describe how the face looked, but it was definitely androgynous, but more on the masculine side. Did not look anything like the chubby cute babies or feminine peachy colored angels in paintings. The angel was not demonic looking, but just an extraordinary image of something I have never seen before. The angel did not say anything to me, but I was left with a feeling of needing to repent and ask for forgiveness from God and to the person I had an alt in my heart with. I believe the message the angel had for me was to let go of my hard feelings of that person so that I could truly serve and love God. To make this story even more interesting, my daily Bible devotional that I read the very next morning was on the same exact issue of forgiving and loving others. Even though I was a bit afraid of what I saw, I am thankful that God allowed me to have this experience. I feel truly blessed.

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may 2013-01-24 04:20:42
I never dreamed about angels in my whole entire life. But last night I dreamed about angels and there where a lot of them. In my dream I was laying down looking up the sky and all of sudden the sky turned bright blue color and in the middle was a bunch of angels flying around me the colors were blue and white and was bright. They got a little closer to me but they didn't say anything to me but made beautiful sounds. What does this mean.

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Carlos 2012-01-09 05:30:01
I saw a angel in my dream, let me first say why I think she showed up,.... All my life since I was 8 yrs old all I ever wanted was true love and I have been following the wrong path to find true love, maybe I rush into relationships and I'm always either decieved or misunderstood, because of my true unconditional love I have to give and others are not use to how big my heart is. So maybe the angel was floating above me in a distance just a jump and grab away from me, just to let me know to be patient and true love will find me because I have been chasing love all my life, plus her skin was a glitter of gold making me think riches will also be a part of my life soon and her aura was a pure white glow, I couldn't reach her by jumping so I somehow threw a rope that appeared in my hands and it wrapped around her feet and I pulled her slowly down too me and she just kept smiling at me and when I finally had her at my face I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her then she wrapped her arms back around me and kissed me back that's when I woke up in tears out of my sleep it felt so good but yet I was sad because I wanted that to be a reality!!!

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