Dream Dictionary Anteater

Dream Dictionary Anteater

When you dream about an anteater what it usually means is that you need to be cautious in some area of your life.

Dream Anteater
Dream Dictionary Anteater, Proceed with Caution: what it Means when You Dream of Anteaters

The anteater is a creature that is cautious by nature. It does not want to spook the ants because then they would come running out of their hole to protect their queen and end up hurting the anteater in the process. The anteater works best covertly, quietly sneaking into the hole and eating the ants before they are able to escape. By putting its mouth directly over the hole, when the ants try to escape, they will be running directly from their home and into his stomach.

In other words, since the ant eater’s only durable parts of its body are in its snout and tongue, it is unable to protect itself from the onslaught of ants unless these are the only affected areas. The creature does his best to play to his strengths and make sure that the ants aren’t able to reach any other parts of his body, thereby seriously injuring him. In order to do this it requires that he proceeds with caution, he takes light footsteps and does not go searching for ants until his snout squarely covers all of the areas that the ants could potentially reach.

This is not only how the anteater protects himself from getting killed by thousands of ant stings, but it is also how he stays alive and maintains his only source of sustenance. The only thing that he eats and stays alive is the same thing that would threaten to kill him every single day that he comes near it. It is a very poetic notion.

To go a bit further in depth of interpretation, what this means for you is that you may be coming up against something that will present major problems for you in the future. It is something that would be helpful to you and your family overall but could seriously hurt you if you took a misstep. This could be representative of an important job interview that required you to quit your old job in order to do it. You would be doing great things for your family and got the job and were able to afford nicer things, but if you do not do your best in the interview and make sure to tread lightly, then you could end up destroying your opportunity and making everything worse than when you started.

Do not take that route. Instead, opt to do the more responsible thing and just be cautious about it. If you are absolutely unsure about your perspectives, then you could just opt not to go to the interview at all, or participate in the activity, whatever it may be. Sue you’d be passing up an opportunity, but you’re also potentially dodging a bullet.

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Khaila 2012-12-14 01:24:14
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I had a dream about my ex and he actually had an ant'eaters tongue coming out of his mouth, so this makes sense.
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