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When you dream that you are apologizing to someone, this shows that your regret for past actions has been on your mind lately. You may have never apologized to someone for something that you did to them, and your mind is trying to work through this fact and to make you feel a little bit better about it. However, the fastest way to getting the regret off your chest it to apologize to them yourself in person. This can even be true if you have already apologized to the person that you’ve wronged. You are still feeling bad about it and trying to come to terms with your role in the misadventure that caused you to hurt someone else physically or emotionally.

To dream that you are apologizing to someone when you are sure that there is nobody that you have wronged lately, this usually means that your mind is making you aware of previous subconscious cues that you picked up on. You have wronged someone in your past; it just didn’t immediately register to you. This means that despite what you’ve done, it was an honest mistake. This can still make you feel bad though when you know that you have done something to hurt the feelings of another. When you are awake, try thinking back to recent times when you may have said or done something offensive to someone and make absolutely sure that you’ve done nothing hurtful. The trick in this situation is putting yourself in the shoes of another because while it did not come off as offensive to you, someone else surely interpreted it this way. If you want to feel retribution for your actions and stop dreaming that you are apologizing all day, then the best way to get out of this cycle would be to think of the person who you have hurt, and apologize to them as soon as possible.

When you dream that someone else is apologizing to you, it usually means that you are feeling hurt over someone else’s actions. All too often, you hear the word “sorry” said for the smallest circumstances. If someone bumps into you in the hallway, you hear them tell you “sorry” or if someone steps on your foot in the elevator, then they will apologize to you. “Sorry” has become an automated response almost, but the true meaning of the word is still significant, you feel remorse for your actions. Therefore when you dream about it, it retains this meaning, you feel as if you have been wronged and feel that someone needs to apologize to you for it.

It is hard to broach a complicated situation like this in waking life, but if you really feel hurt over the actions of someone else, the best thing you can do in order to help yourself is to seek out this person and tell them how you feel. Once you get that real apology, it won’t be such a strong fixation in your dreams anymore and you will be able to move on with your life.
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Melissa 2017-08-05 21:59:07
I had a dream my ex-best friend apologized to me for everything he did. What does it mean? I want to move past him forever.

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shanaya 2017-05-27 17:26:43
I had a dream when my crush was my boyfriend and he was having sex with my previous love-life's ex girlfriend. Later he followed me and said it wasn't what I was looking at. I was crying in my dream, what does this dream mean/

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Laura Lynne 2017-04-30 22:52:53
I had a strange dream I was at the beach with an unknown group of people. I had last my phone so I was using my iTouch to find my Android. Then one guy in the group said he couldn't hold his pee in & he stood up & urinated & it went out fast & splashed my phone. I yelled at him for peeing on it & he said sorry. Then I apologized for freaking out & said I was stressed about my situation. I understand a bit but I don't get who it was or why I apologized...

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Kim 2017-02-11 16:12:46
Hi i had a dream where my ex bf is seeing me somewhere and he says that he is sorry for sll of the wrong doing in our relationship and is saying this for me to move on and now in real life he is saying that he misses his son whst could that be a sign of

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V1v1an3 2016-12-20 15:28:24
I had a dream that my old friend apologized to me on behalf of my ex boyfriend, (they didn't even know each other). What does this mean?

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Utkarsh Dixit 2016-03-25 19:06:09
I saw my very good female friend saying sorry to me over a phone call on my dream.
Though we are not in talking tearms in few months.
What is this meaning ???

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gen gen 2014-12-26 18:53:10
This was helpful. Thanks!!

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