Dream Dictionary Apple

Dream Dictionary Apple

Dreaming of apples in your dreams usually means that you are seeing yourself as wise, or that you are thinking that you will soon come upon a great treasure trove of wisdom.

Dream Apple
Dream Dictionary Apple, The Tree of Wisdom and Other Meanings of Apples in Your Dreams

Unlike the original apple which was eaten by eve having bad luck attached to it, a dream apple usually signifies fortune. Even though both Adam and Eve lost a lot of the things they were given in the beginning of their lives, they gained a lot as well when they ate the apple. They became self aware and were able to truly understand certain things that would have escaped them otherwise. Religious scholars that truly believe in Christianity also truly believe that we would be no smarter than our primate counterparts if our ancestors Adam and Eve had not eaten of the apple. Thus even though it caused negative side effects, the apple in and of itself was intrinsically a good object with positive connotations in dreams.

Another cultural association that the apple has in the dream is that of the sexual appetite. When you are seen consuming apples in your dreams, this can signify that you have a great sexual appetite, or you may even be feeling amorous in your sleep. The apple is seen as a sexual symbol because sex was one of the things that the knowledge in the apple awakened Adam and Eve to when they consumed it.

One of the other popular cultural symbols of the apple is that of health. Not only are apples (including other fruits and veggies) known to be healthy elements of a balanced diet, but there is also the old cliché saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Thus, if you are seen neglecting apples in your dreams, this can be your body telling you to take a clue and to start caring more about your physical health. This dream can be especially important to correctly interpret if you are someone that is generally found to be lacking in the health department. This does not mean you need to literally eat apples. The validity of the claim that an apple a day really keeps the doctor away is highly dubious at best. However, this is a sign that you could be doing a lot more to take care of yourself.

If the apple that you see in your dream is mealy or rotten then the symbolism isn’t quite reversed. This implies that the goal that you have set yourself to achieve recently is a fruitless one. You are going to end up hurting yourself more than you are helping yourself in the long run. Take care to see what activities you are participating in are wholesome and which ones will lead you down a dark and sad path. You may need to exercise a bit more self control in your life if you hope to get anywhere.

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