Dream Dictionary Arcade

Dream Dictionary Arcade

Dreaming of the arcade is just about as uncommon as seeing an arcade in real life.

Dream Arcade
Dream Dictionary Arcade, Going to the Arcade: What it Means to Dream of An Arcade

This is because we usually have dreams about things that we have strong associations with. It would be hard to have a strong association with an arcade since they can hardly be found anywhere anymore. And since the brain deals with familiar things and people don’t often go to arcades, you would be hard pressed to find out that the arcade is a common dream, since it isn’t really.

Because the arcade is seen as a place of joy and amusement, when you have a dream about an arcade this is usually the feeling that your mind is trying to convey. Your mind is dealing with a lot of stress right now and the best way to get out of it is for a moment of escapism. Since most of your conscious life is spent dealing with the stress, it is time for your subconscious and unconscious to deal with the aftereffects. This is done by supplementing the unpleasant experiences with happy memories that help you cope with the hard times you are dealing with right now.

Perhaps your mind is trying to remind you of an even more specific time that you cannot recall currently. What you are trying to do is to recall a happy image so that you can go back to another happy image that you are desperately trying to recall. This might be a message to your inner child to wake up and take over a bit more. You need to feel some more positive memories so that you can begin to cope with all of the negative situations that you must deal with as an adult.

An arcade is also a place of manipulation if you want to get philosophical about it. The arcade is a place in which, for the price of a quarter per play, you can control the life and experiences of a virtual character, explore a virtual world, and manipulate your surroundings in order to reach a goal. Because of this, when you are at an arcade relishing the gameplay, this could be you trying to act manipulative and controlling. You are letting out the fact that you are a control freak and need to be the decider of the destiny of others.

This same definition can be turned completely on its head to mean that you are the one being manipulated. Do you feel like you have been taken advantage of recently in your life or that you need to fight back in order to achieve a certain goal? If this is the case, then you might be feeling manipulated which would explain perfectly why you are in the arcade setting in your dreams. This could also be a sign that you need to have more control. There are many opportunities open to you as soon as you take the leap and go for them. What are you waiting for?

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