Dream Dictionary Argument

Dream Dictionary Argument

When you have an argument with someone in your dreams, this can mean that you are having a dispute with someone in the waking world.

Dream Argument
Dream Dictionary Argument, Argument in your Dreams: Find Out What it Means Here

Very often the person in the dream that you are arguing with will be the same person that is bugging you so much in your life. You need to make sure that this person knows the effect that he or she is having on you and also knows your side of the argument and hears it clearly. If the argument is over but you are still feeling angry at each other, then reopen the issue and try to resolve it. Just because an argument is finished does not mean it is anywhere near close to a resolution and this is never truer than in the case of someone that is still having dreams where they are arguing with someone.

If you are having a dream where you are arguing though, this does not necessarily have to relate to anyone in life but yourself. Even if the person in the dream that you are having an altercation with is someone that you know and recognize, unless you have vehement feelings toward them, then don’t misinterpret what the dream is doing. It turns out that if you are having an argument in the dream world, this could mean that you are really just dealing with an inner dispute.

The inner dispute approach would necessitate that you be dealing with something that you are very conflicted over. You are having trouble handling some inner struggle. This could be a struggle between a more modern point of view and an old fashioned one. A good example might be that you are about to marry a woman that is unwilling to change her last name for yours. Common sense and reason dictates that there is no reason that she should have to change her name for you, but at the same time, this does not seem to lessen the pain at all. Another example might be the decision to let your daughter stay out all night. Did you make the right decision, will she be okay? Any kind of internal struggle or a disagreement over a past decision you’ve made might mean that you will be having arguments in your dreams.

When these arguments make their way into the physical world through sleep talking, this is when they get really serious. It is a strong sign of a major internal conflict when it causes this much strife that you actually physically argue as a result of your dreams. When this occurs, no immediate action must be taken, but you should start to play closer attention to things like how you treat others around you during the day and how you react to things that you interpret negatively that happen around you. When a frustrating thing occurs, anger is a natural reaction and a natural route to take, but you need to make sure that the level of anger is within reason. When you start reacting poorly over the smallest things, you might want to have a physician check for high blood pressure or a psychologist check for anger disorders.

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