Dream Dictionary Armageddon

Dream Dictionary Armageddon

Dreaming of the Armageddon usually indicates that there is some aspect of your life that you are not totally satisfied with.

Dream Armageddon
Dream Dictionary Armageddon, Don’t Worry so Much, The Armageddon Isn’t as Scary As you’d Think: The Meaning of Armageddon Dreams

Not only are you dissatisfied with it, but you plan on changing it soon. The Armageddon is not a negative prediction telling you that your attempts to change your situation will fail, it is merely a sign that something in your life will soon change, and it will be a big change, mark my words. When this happens, just make sure that you are ready to accept a new change in your life. Do not try to fight what you are thinking of doing because it is inevitable anyway. Just make sure that whatever decision you make is responsible.

The dream about the Armageddon can also be representative of general sorrow that you feel. If something bad has happened to you recently, you might be dreaming of the Armageddon later in your sleep. This has to be a matter of major consequence to show up as the Armageddon in your dream though. This would have to be the death of a loved one like the family dog or maybe someone even closer. It could also be due to financial crisis, anything that would create an intense emotional reaction.

The Armageddon dream can also represent a change in lifestyle. An Armageddon throws the world into complete disarray, killing everything, but this does not destroy all potential for future life. In fact, it gives the earth a blank slate to work off of. This could make for even stranger forms of life to show up in the future creating even more diversity than what already exists on earth. With this extra potential for life also comes an extra dream interpretation. This does not mean that whatever lifestyle changes occur for you have to be bad.

Of course the Armageddon looks like a terrible experience and probably results in a lot of death and suffering in your dream, but it could just as easily be a warning to change your life for the better. You may be headed down the wrong path in life and the dream of the Armageddon is letting you know what your future will be like if you continue down your self-destructive path. Do not let this prediction come true for you. Instead change your ways and do better for yourself. Taking all the wrong routes in life does not do you any favors, and in the end you will have wished that you had a different life.

The Armageddon is not such a bad thing when you see it in dreams. Sue it could act as a warning to you, but this warning does not have to be a deadly one. If it does function as a warning of doom to come, then at least it gives you some time to act on it and change things. You have the power to change your own life. Realize that, and own it.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Armageddon

Maddie 2017-05-14 11:46:12
I just had a dream of Armageddon and they were going to take all the people to heaven and leave everyone's pets behind. I woke up balling my eyes out cause I had to say bye to my puppy.

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Marcus 2017-02-10 04:26:17
I had a really strange dream and woke up rather sad and low I dreamt I was sat at a table with my mum on a balcony somewhere and in the distant I saw a huge impact of some sort and a huge fire bolt up in the sky, similar to an Atom bomb effect and then there was just a huge wave of fire coming towards us, I held my mum's hand think this was it before it hit I woke up feeling really sad... what could this mean as nether had such a strange dream ??..

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Kristal 2016-12-24 04:39:54
I just woke up from a dream that has me really confused and worried. I dreamt that a second world erasing flood (think Noah's Ark) was coming. Instead of animals, though, it was all just random people on the boat. I was there wit my parents and daughter. We all were responsible for helping build/prepare the boat for the journey. Someone I have a slight crush on was there. I asked where his wife and kiss were and he said they stayed behind to wait for him. Apparently he thought they would survive the flood. In addition to all this weirdness, random evil otherworldly creatures randomly appeared like giant flies and mosquitoes, bizarre giant amoeba looking things, etc. Some women were giving birth to evil babies that would try to eat and kill you.

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Clarice 2016-12-06 05:52:59
I dreamed of Armageddon. I was fleeing with a bunch of other people. I had a baby in my arms and a man was walking beside me. We were fleeing down a country road and every few seconds thousands of white souls would rush past us.The man pointed ahead and on the horizon rockets were going off and soldiers were on the side of the road shooting us. I laid on the grown with the baby and they were shooting everyone,I lay sill and bodies were falling on top of me. I remained as still as I could as a soldier passed by shooting those that were still alive. I passed out and when I woke up the baby was shaking me. We were in a shack and when I looked up there was a man grabbing a rifle I begged him not to shoot me and he said,I'll never hurt you. pointed the rifle at a door way and started shooting. I then woke up. Very scary.

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Jo 2016-09-09 15:04:04
Iv been dreaming of the armageddon for about 10 years all flood types & mass distruction. Can this be a dream of change or something else? Its been so long a many has changed but the dreams still come

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Adrian 2016-04-10 12:23:51
Thanks for the insite i see a change in my self I feel good change in future for the best to com in what I kW will turn out grate jus got stop pushing my self aside an do what needs to b done thanks

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Luke 2015-10-22 06:49:12
Thank you sooooo much!

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