Dream Dictionary Army

Dream Dictionary Army

When you dream of the army you are not necessarily dreaming of legions of death or of danger or any of the first words that pop into your mind when you think of the army.

Dream Army
Dream Dictionary Army, Marching Off to Sleep: Dreaming About the Army

You are not going to die and you are not in danger of physical attack, at least not as a result of this dream. The army is seen as an oppressive force by others, so if the army is working against you then this means they are oppressing you, but you will not be harmed in real life and will not have to worry about being hurt in this way.

When you dream of the army, this means that you feel oppressed in your everyday life. You feel that the forces of the universe are conspiring against you. This does not always have to be a cosmic force though and can sometimes even relate to a specific person that may be causing you trouble. Either way, no matter what route you try to go, you are being held back in every direction and the forces and resources of your oppressor are beginning to outnumber your own resources.

It is hard to have positive feelings about this kind of thing, but when you dream about joining the army, this usually has positive connotations; it means that you are feeling invincible. This may sound positive at first, and for some it can indeed be very constructive, but on the other hand, you must take into account the fact that when you really do feel invincible you are prone to making poor decisions in the future. Do not go out and do something foolish because you actually think that no one can hurt you. It won’t take long to realize that you are sorely mistaken and something will hurt you. Just pray that it won’t be hurting you physically.

The main thing about these kinds of dreams is that you need to know not to be reckless when you see them. You may find that you are feeling so oppressed that you want to do something drastic or harmful. Commit no crimes and stay away from physical violence. Even if you are feeling invincible, even if you are feeling backed into a corner, there is always a way to get out of the situation that you are in and into a better one. When you feel that you are being oppressed, try talking to the person or to the people that are oppressing you. See what they have to say about your situation and why they’re forcing you into it. There is no one that does something like that for no good reason, so even if you don’t agree with them, at the very least you can go to them for an explanation of whatever issues they have. Once you get to talking, maybe you can even work out a peace agreement with them. This way you will be less inhibited and they will still feel important.

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