Dream Dictionary Arranged Marriage

Dream Dictionary Arranged Marriage

Sometimes the definition of a dream symbol has to go no further than an explanation of the symbol itself.

Dream Arranged Marriage
Dream Dictionary Arranged Marriage, What it Means to Dream of an Arranged Marriage

Some people dream of arranged marriage because their cultures allow it. When it is something that is seen prominent around them and is accepted into the mainstream facets of their culture, how could it not be on the mind sometimes? Some people that are in an arranged marriage are dreaming about it precisely because of the fact that they will soon have an arranged marriage.

Arranged marriage is a controversial subject because it relies on the parents deciding for their son or daughter who they are to spend the rest of their lives with. Some people are more accepting of this concept when they are raised in an area where this is commonly accepted, but for someone growing up in an arranged marriage in America, where the idea of arranged marriage is viewed as ludicrously as fundamental Mormonism, it can be challenging to continue to have the same idea of arranged marriage that you did originally. If you are able to retain a high opinion of arranged marriage and are okay with the fact that one lies in your future, then great, this should prevent any stress you might feel when it gets closer to the date of your marriage. If not, then you might be having stressful dreams about it for some time to come until it comes to pass, or doesn’t.

In a less specific sense though, which is particularly relevant for those that grew up in a culture where arranged marriage was not as accepted into the mainstream, to dream about arranged marriage usually just means that you have recently been forced to do something that you didn’t want to do. This can sometimes be a character building experience, when you are told to do chores or have extra responsibilities for example, but to someone that is not used to having responsibilities thrust at them, this might not go over so well.

This could also mean that without outside interference, you are reluctantly moving forward towards a new place in your life. You are reaching a new phase that you aren’t quite ready to handle just yet. There are many ways that you can work on preparing yourself so that you can be ready to meet expectations for this new phase of your life. Just get used to living in a new way, and sooner or later it will come to you. Rather than being reluctant, if this is something that is inevitable, then accept the next circumstances with gusto and you will prove to be much more successful now than you ever were because you were ready to meet challenges head on. This may also mean that in a certain situation, you feel completely voiceless. Either nobody is respecting your opinion, or worse, nobody is allowing you to express your opinion. Times like these can be frustrating, but you should get used to this feeling until the situation is over. Just bite the bullet and you will face your fate at some point.

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