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For the sake of a clean interpretation, try to take out any indication of why you were arrested (in the dream). If you committed a crime, it is not necessary to factor that in for the dream interpretation of being arrested. The idea of being arrested in a dream has issues that have to do with control This may be self control in one way or another, but it usually relates to control issues from other entities, or from yourself depending on perspective. With that in mind, continue reading.

When you have a dream where you are the one that is being arrested, this usually means that you are feeling a bit boxed in. Not only is no one listening to you or accepting your validity as a human being, but you also feel that your protests are having absolutely no effect on your peers. This is usually the kind of interpretation that might work for you if you are working on a group project and nobody is taking your suggestions seriously. It might be high time for you to take a little more leadership on. Force people to listen to you and they will respect you if your ideas are good.

Another reason you could be having this dream is if you are being pushed around by an annoying boss or employer and you feel that you are being forced into a submissive role that does not fit your personality. Of course in a case like this you cannot really fight back unless you are okay with losing your job. It might be helpful to come to terms with your boss though. Try seeking to have conversations with them outside of the context of work, such as on a mandated lunch break, or even ask them to go out for drinks with you. You can learn a lot about someone through these methods, and you can find some common ground to relate to that will make both of you happy with the other one.

Of course you will not be able to be so friendly so easily on just the first outing or conversation, but over time you can grow to reach an understanding with one another that will make the work place more bearable and you will not have to worry so much about being forced into a role that you do not like to be in.

If you are dreaming that you are the one that is arresting someone else, then conversely this usually means that you are degrading the importance of someone else. You are making them feel low or useless and forcing them to do things for you. You are too controlling of them. While this relationship may be productive for a while, the employee morale will slowly decrease until you are left with nothing but sorely angry employees (or even friends if you are not a business manager) that will not respect you anymore. What is more important to you, business, or interpersonal relationships? Ask yourself this when you start having dreams where you are arresting others.
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H'faly 2017-06-01 07:44:12
So I had a dream just now about meeting someone truly attractive and honest, she worked for some sort of charity and by how she was conducting herself, I would say she is some sort of manager. , in the middle of the street my first encounter with her is her taking down another women from a rival company like herself, telling her to get out of the area, the other women was out of control, she looked as if She was unfit for such a job, I then wanted to meet her but she rejected telling me she is too busy helping people, so we parted. Then later on my mother introduced me to one of her employers, he was sick and one of the agents she did not noticed, I was unaware that he worked for her but I taken the favour to helping the man. I then meet her face to face again and without recognising me she put me up to the tasks of looking after children's, I taken those little people everywhere I usually go, I went to my local gym and surprisingly there was a children section in my gym I did not know of, so I just let them play there. Bought them drinks, taken then arcades and other child like enjoyments. I did the task, she then grew some suspicion on me because she never seen me before so she asked who I am and I claimed the employee's name that she have in her database, she became comfortable with me, I then wanted to give her the same treatment as she was giving others, the attention that someone cares. So I was always around her, aiding her and assisting her, she had the doubt that I was not her employee so she continued to pursue the truth out of me, but at the same time I wanted to get the truth out of her, so I asked her what was her intentions of doing this job? She replies that it was because of her dead older sister she could not have helped (her older sister looked like some sort of drug addict) so I somehow enter in her past when she was a little girl (that still grieved upon her dead sister and told her "everything is going to be ok" I enter in her sisters bedroom and showed (the younger version of her) that her sister is still alive and we should give her some bedtime drink/story, at first she was stunned with a form of shock and disbelief, that the person she presumed was dead was actually still alive and in her house, she was looking at me as if I am some sort of god sent angel and hugged me. I hugged her back like she was my little sister that I already had, I woke up from my dream within this dream, and she was there, beside me with a facial expression of relief that I was awake, automatically I became defensive because of the fraudulent lie I said from the very beginning of encountering her, the man that I taken over for, was working again, and she was still unaware that I was not a true worker for her charitable group. So I was in too deep to try and leave the workfeild because she was monitoring me 24/7, I then stayed within my house where I receive from her directly telling me that I was supposed to take a day off from work yet the real employee was still working and confirmed by the local community that he is there by his presence. She asked me in the letter with a question and by her handwriting within this question it was some form of daunt, "who are you?" Again she asked... I avoided the letter completely and shut my house, all I thought about was the strong exterior women with a boss determined, powerful by will individual with a majestic look, but the interior was the sensitive traumatised girl that I helped her dark past (which she also recollected in her dream that I helped her), I went to bed thinking I could dream myself out of this dilemma, yet again I woke up and she was there again, with a worried body expression, as if over all of that power it was that sensitive girl I helped all these years. It was a beautiful catastrophic nightmare I wish it was because it was so vivid, I turned to try to sleep the other side when at the same time, The grown women got up from my bedroom chair And before I know it (she was aiming for my cheek) but kissed half of my lips. (By accident) I could not believe it, I was thinking this was the worst best experience of my life. She left my room and th area of where my lips connected with hers is still effected even after her presents. At that point I did not care about life, but a a morning I woke up within the dream and there was a drone outside my window, I knew at this moment I am done. Probably in prison for life for potential prosecution from a lot of parents by looking after their children's, by taking someone else's persona and many more felonies. I heard a knock on my door which I did not wanted to answer, I woke up in today's time, this world, as I am typing this!!!, I knew I was going to become arrested in that dream but I still wanted to find out my fate, that grown women I grew a fond of (a form of like) and in real life I tried to go back to sleep, the scenario of me jumping out of my window tried to make a run for it, I woke up again knowing this will not end well and lo and behold I stumble upon this page. I started writing this at 6:23am. It is now7:40am and I finished writing this. By dream interpretation this page is highly accurate. Everything said in this website was true to some extent, I lack control and even control over the people that are out of control in my current life.

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Someone 2017-05-27 08:31:26
I had a dream that I got arrested, and my friend that moved away yesterday was crying in the police station, then she said "I shouldent have moved away". Them the scene changed and outside my family was talking to the cops about me being arrested for murder. Also all of my friends were staring at me from the other room. Then I was interrogated by the police.

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Tone 2017-05-13 05:50:29
I had a dream of sitting on d porch with my family.They were gnna raid the house i was at so i didnt think nothing than a cup fell that was beside me and balls of drugs that were wrapped fell into my shoes and.well they were my shoes so they arrested me..It was a crazy dream

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Anonymous 2016-11-23 09:05:38
I had a dream I was being arrested for something I said. It worries me because our society is so PC (politically correct) about everything, & just telling the truth can get you in trouble

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jodi 2016-11-15 06:06:10
I had a dream that me and my husband were on vacation. And we were driving in this town, and someone broke the window to our car but didn't steal anything, and took my shoes out the car and put them under the car, came back and my husband pulled the car up, after I went into the store to ask for video footage to see who did it, and I came out to a guy that worked at the store talking to my husband, telling him he's calling the cops bc they don't like N!&&@#$, so we left and got back to the hotel we were staying at, my husband told me to turn the lights on, and someone came into the room and arrested my husband, I tried to tell them he didn't do anything. They wouldn't listen. I called his mom and got a lawyer, then it went to him in jail, and the immates were taking his food or not giving him food, so he fought, they were all white and he was the only black gup in there, then he was trying to take a shower and they kept messing with him, then I woke up. Fell back asleep to have the dream continue, I was killing the police and the guys that were hurting him. That was the most disturbing dream I've had besides the world comming to an end.. I am very protectant wife. Anyone hurts my husband there will be problem. I'm sooo confused about this dream

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mers 2016-07-28 12:55:59
dream of my brother being arrested

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Donnie 2016-07-02 08:47:09
I live in Florida but I had a dream that an officer walked up to my house and said I had a warrant for my arrest for a hit and run in Ohio and ran the plates on the two vehicles in my driveway and they weren't even mine and he said that they matched up to my name and unrightfully arested me and wouldn't listen to me when I told him the vehicles were not mine and they did not belong to me and that those tags were not matching up to me and to see only the evidence and that he did not have the right I've never even been to Ohio but he did not want to listen and got louder and matter the more I try to explain

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LostHopeless 2016-06-25 03:44:30
I had a depressing dream.i was supposed to do a public speaking and i was nervous.I couldn't hold it anymore and hopelessly said that "i'll commit suicide then,"(my only secret).Everyone gasped.Then suddenly someone that i don't know had a heartattack.He was dying.I was scared because he just heard what i said.i ran away and never came back again to that place.I hid myself with the people that i don't know.They gladly accepted me, i became their part of family.I missed my real family.it felt like so long.i had been disgusing myself as other person.I wanted to go home.So i decided to visit school.Everything changed.But my cousin and my friend knew me.And they didn't ask what i had done.They smiled and happy that i was back.They suddenly ran and
then a mass of people gathered around me.They wanted to capture me because what i had done.Maybe because the person that had a heartattack died.i tried to run away, but i couldn't.They wanted to run a trial that i had caused someone's death.They wanted to put me in some hospital.A reporter everything.They wanted to ask a lot of questions.I was so terrified.And then i woke up.Could you tell me what does it mean?i tried to figure it out.But i wasn't sure.

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Earl Mobley 2016-01-04 06:32:20
I had a dream last night where I was simply drinking a beer and I didn't even finishbit I threw it and a officer saw me drinking ingueas cause of my stature he got worried came up to me asked for a I'd I told him I didn't have it but that him i was 22 (but I'm really 19) I took out my wallet and continued saying I didn't have it he saw it tho and took it from me when he saw my D.O.B he told me to get up and pit my hands behind my back I asked if I could call my wife he said yes as soon as I got the chance I ran as fast as I could and minutes later I still got apprehended and arrested......

What does mean to dream that?

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Meep591 2015-08-09 11:30:01
This interpretation of my dream of being arrested is dead on! In waking life, I am having exactly these sort of issues with my boss as described in this interpretation.

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sree 2015-08-12 04:17:53
yeah its the same with me

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dreams are weird4 2015-07-05 14:49:40
BTW des anyone kno what this means?

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dreams are weird4 2015-07-05 14:47:01
I had a dream once that my dad was getting arrested because he was teaching me how important the laws were. He was committing crimes and then a police officer came and brought him to jail. He game a headband to me that said " Hanahboo & Dad Forever "..yes my name is Hanah. I was waiting for my dad to get out..I would stay for 7 years if I had to... and he gets out 2 hours later that when he was arrested! It was a really happy/sad moment. Then the secretary called on him and she said "accused of stealing, pickpocketing and criminal conversation" and I said "He was only trying to teach me about the laws and how important they are". She seemed to understand and let him out. After we went to my real house and I woke up(IN REAL LIFE)!

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RS 2015-04-19 10:20:22
Just to add, I woke up when my betrayer/informer sister arrives

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RS 2015-04-19 10:17:13
I dreamed that I was wrongly accused of something I didn't do, and later, as I realised, my sister too (I don't have a sister in real life). My "dad" (who looks nothing like my real dad) offered to bring me out for a walk in the park (same as an actual park I am going to in real lifr), and I was going home with him. My sister arrives, also being chased (she looks like an actress I know) and we both hide under a sink, I gave her trinkets and jewellery to remember by and for her to sell in case she gets in trouble.
In a previous dream, my mom and I were walking in a tunnel and we picked up a couple of boxes with women's clothes and makeup, and gave it to the lost and found/authorities.
In real life, I was talking about how difficult it is to live with my perfectionist dad and how overprotective my mom was, and was also excited about the next day's activities causing insomnia at first, which may be a contributing factor.

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Riley 2015-04-05 15:14:51
i had a dream where my brother was hiding from police officers, and so him and I got arrested. I begged my mom to please get me out. I woke up crying that morning. What do s my dream mean?

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