Dream Dictionary Asian

Dream Dictionary Asian

To dream that you are in Asia, in a specific sense, relates to mysticism.

Dream Asian
Dream Dictionary Asian, Dreaming that You are Asian: A Racial approach to Dream Interpretation

The Far East, or the orient is often seen as a place of mysticism in various forms of media. If you have had any experience with these forms of media then you too would start to think that maybe Asia has some elements of surprise to it that you were unaware of. You want to get more in touch with your spirit or you want to sense more of the magic that happens in everyday life. This is one meaning of what a dream about Asia might signify.

Another, more broad meaning of dreaming that you are in Asia would be that you are trying to adjust to a new situation. The fact that you are in Asia, a place that is so outside of your element and understanding shows that this transformation to a new way of life or a new line of thinking will not be going over easily for you. You do not understand the fundamental reasons why the situation that you are in exists, and it will take some time to cope. However as long as you try the hardest that you can to make sense out of what is going on in your life, you will come to a break through realization eventually.

If you dream that you are Asian then this means that you are confused about your identity. You are questioning the differences between how the world sees you and how you see yourself as a person. To have a dream like this usually means you have been doing some soul searching recently and that you are trying to come to some conclusions about yourself that might not be so obvious. Try talking to others and asking them for their honest opinions of you and you will start to see how others think of you versus your opinion of yourself and how these views are different. The real challenge will be learning that neither one is truly correct, but you can reach that realization later when you are ready.

If you dream that you see an elderly Asian person, what this usually signifies is some kind of traditional values. You are probably being presented with a modern problem, the kind which did not take the forefront of thought back in older times, but is turning into a much bigger deal now. This does not indicate that you should respond to the problem with a traditional perspective necessarily it just shows you where your mind will be occupied and what your line of thinking will probably be. If you think that this is too draconian, then you may take this dream as a sign that you should open up your mind more to accept more modern viewpoints.

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