Dream Dictionary Attack

Dream Dictionary Attack

The most popular dream definition of attack is the one that comes to mind for most people as a guess.

Dream Attack
Dream Dictionary Attack, Dreaming of Attacks, and What This May Mean About Your Waking Life

It is the idea that you have pent up anger and rage at someone for something. If you are the one that is attacking someone else in the dream, then this means you need to express some kind of misgiving or some of your anger in some way. You need to get it out of your system. If the person you are attacking in the dram is someone that you do not recognize or have no quarrel with in real life then this signifies that you have a very general rage. However, if the person you are attacking is well known to you then this suggests that you probably have some kind of feud with them or are angry with them for some reason.

The severity of the attack also matters when you dream of attacking someone. If you are beating them down with a baseball bat then you are clearly much angrier than if you were simply punching or slapping someone. These violent dreams can often invoke hidden desires that we may not be so keen to address. Make sure that you can control your anger and know your rage levels in real life or it might lead to an unwanted altercation.

If you dream that someone is attacking you, physically or verbally, then it signifies that your place in the world is being questioned It may be your position at work, or your status in your family or in a friendship. You are being challenged in life and you need to work out a civil way to overcome it. You will usually know who the person is that is giving you the most trouble in real life. You will know who you will have to deal with in order to reach a resolution. Take this dream as a sign that you need to reach a resolution with someone before something goes awry.

If you dream that you are being attacked by a wild animal instead of a human being, this is a grave warning sign. It means that you need to be careful of those around you. Those people that you have formed bonds with and the people that you have trusted to be your friends and acquaintances may not all be who you see them as. Some of them may be sinister or have a dark side. You need to watch your back to make sure that nobody is trying to undercut you or even seriously hurt you. You are in a vulnerable position once you have sink into the idea of trusting someone. While it is a nice release to be able to trust someone completely, you should never totally let down your guard in the event that the person turns out to be someone that you didn’t think they were. Everyone has a dark side, and a dream like this would suggest that you might have to deal with the dark side of one of your acquaintances soon.

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chichi 2018-10-04 10:43:20
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i have a recurring dream about hiding from strangers trying to hurt me...and also another recurring dream about me going back to school but always finding classroom full or boarding rooms full no space for me....what could these recurring dreams really mean?
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Ashutosh 2018-02-10 01:15:37
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In my dream I am always attacked by group of females , I can feel them around my bed when they comes in my dream ,in these dreams i always feel the same environment of room that exist at the same time of dream......Please give me some suggestions
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Roopam singh 2017-09-06 01:37:31
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I have seen the sun was attecking me
When cloud was coming when I feel good and felt protect
What is mean that ??
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Mikail 2017-09-03 13:12:34
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Yeah so I had a dream that I started beating up my roommate and stuff, and when she practically couldn't even stand up, I started laughing and kicking and punching her more and more, chanting that it's not enough. I ended up breaking her left forearm, like to the point I could fold it in half and pressing the fingers of her right hand backwards so that they broke. I remember I was laughing the whole time. There were apparently other people too, and then I kind passed out/pretended to do so and "woke up" and pretended that I didn't remember doing that and acted really shocked and upset and I fake cried lol
But I don't know it was kinda fun dream
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Michelle 2017-08-25 06:10:14
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I had a dream that an ex boyfriend I had when I was in my late teens came to my house and told me he was marrying my sister. My first thought was that's wrong as heck because he's 26 she's 16. So after I stood there shocked for a second he pulled me close and hugged me. As he hugged me my own sister stabbed me in the back and I fell to the ground. He encouraged her to stab and keep on til I couldn't breathe. This dream scares me because my sister and me are like best friends. I can't ever imagine her doing that to me or anyone honestly. What does this dream mean?
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supriya 2017-05-25 13:52:17
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Someone was shooting with his gun to kill the gorse that was flying in the air with feathers so I was trying to protecting the horse flying in the air and he got angry and trying to shoot me with his gun to stop protests
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Rissa 2017-03-03 20:57:07
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I had a dream that a girl I used to be friends with but stopped talking to because she did some really messed up stuff, came to my house with McDonald's to try to be nice and say sorry for the shit she did to me and when she left my house I went to the kitchen to go eat the McDonalds and I opened the hamburger first and it had razor blades in it. She was trying to hurt me. What could this mean??
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DEEPIKA.C 2016-07-03 22:10:57
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