Dream Dictionary Auction

Dream Dictionary Auction

When you dream that you are at an auction, what it means is that you have valuing issues.

Dream Auction
Dream Dictionary Auction, Auctioning in the Dream World: What It Means to Attend An Auction in Your Dreams

You do not value something as much as you should in your life. But at the same time it could also mean that you are overvaluing something. You need to be the judge of whatever it is that you could be over or undervaluing depending on past experiences. It can be a great help if you manage to remember whatever the item was in the auction that was being bid on. If you can remember the item then the item is usually something related to whatever it is that you are not valuing. Do not be surprised if the thing that is being bid on is a person that you are very familiar with such as a friend or a family member. This would mean that you are not giving the family member the attention that they deserve or are treating them unfairly.

To have this dream and see an item you are familiar with on the auction block would signify that this is something that you are overvaluing. You have been spending too much time and money trifling with things of little importance and you would do well spiritually and mentally to give up this thing which has taken up so much of your time. Try taking on more constructive hobbies, or just cutting back on the time that you have spent on your hobbies and instead spending the time that you saved on other things such as self care or family time.

When you dream that you are bidding on a product, but have been outbid by another member of the congregation, this would imply that you have worked hard for something, but have not been awarded with it even though you know that you deserve it. This type of dream most commonly comes up when you have been passed up for a promotion or someone has taken something of yours away from you through method of theft, or unauthorized borrowing.

When you dream that nobody is bidding at your auction or that none of your items are being considered, what this means is that you feel that you are not being taken seriously. You do not feel that you have been getting the respect that you deserve in life. You feel that you are being underappreciated. Try sticking up for yourself more often and try to take extra effort to make sure that your ideas are understood and taken consideration of. Really go the extra mile to make sure that everyone you are talking to understands what you are saying and you can even overstate something if you believe it will help your argument. Whatever you are trying to get across has literally no significance if nobody can understand or appreciate you. You will feel much more appreciated once people actually know what you are saying, and you will feel a greater sense of pride and self respect.

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joann 2013-10-18 09:57:45
I dreamed that i was living in this really big home and i woke up one morning and all my items were being auctioned off,no one would tell me y

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