Dream Dictionary Australia

Dream Dictionary Australia

When you dream of Australia, this would indicate that you are trying to reach into yourself and pull out elements of your wild side.

Dream Australia
Dream Dictionary Australia, Australia and the Aussies: What Australia Means as a Dream Symbol

You have probably been feeling extremely inhibited lately or you have been unable to focus on your normal daily civilized tasks. You want to get in touch with the animal within you. The reason hat Australia represents this is because it is far off, the image that people usually have of Australia as a desert and an unexplored terrain usually goes unchallenged for most that don’t have good reason to go there. This allows people to dream that Australia is the last true unexplored land, though this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Just because it is untrue doesn’t mean that the mind will view it any differently until the understanding is challenged though, and the Hollywood movies that constantly depict the outback as being the true Australia do not help matters. Still, if what you really want is to get in touch with your inner animal you will find that you will probably have limited success at doing so. It takes a lot more dedication than you think to unleash your real wild side. Because it does not just require you to connect to your primal urges, but it also requires a bit of a disconnect with your reality at the moment. You cannot be accepted into society as a lustful bestial animal.

Tapping into your unexplored urges may help you with your life a bit though, once you come back to your normal state. You learn things about yourself that you may not have known before and have experiences that not everyone gets the joy of experiencing because not everyone has the power to let loose like you can. What a dream about Australia can also mean is that you are being pulled in several directions. This can also relate to the animalistic nature interpretation because it means that your personality is being stretched in multiple directions. You cannot try to fit into too many different groups and you cannot try to be accepted into all social circles by changing your personality. In the end, the healthiest option is to let everyone know the true person that you are, and those that accept you for who you are will be your true friends.

The brain is a fantastic organ that is also able to digest complex metaphors in the form of dreams. Therefore, the dream world is able to take the meaning of “the land down under” (as Australia is known) and transpose that into the other meaning of “down under.” Thus, when dreaming of Australia, you could be dreaming of elements of yourself that have not been delved into or touched yet. You are thinking of your subconscious and how in touch with yourself that you are outside of the guise of consciousness. There are deep dark parts of your mind that you have not come to terms with yet, or even seen. Be aware of what other things you perceive while you are in “The land down under” in your dream. This will tell you the little bits of your self-conscious that you have not learned of yet.

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