Dream Dictionary Automobile

Dream Dictionary Automobile

When you dream that you are driving a automobile, this means that you are ambitious.

Dream Automobile
Dream Dictionary Automobile, Dreaming of Driving: What it Means to Dream About Automobile

There is a goal that you are trying to reach and you have set out to be able to accomplish it as fast and as successfully as possible. Even if you are nowhere near your goal, you are on the road to success and will make it there sooner than you think. The literal driving that you are doing in your dream is symbolic of your mental and emotional drive that you have to complete your project. This will usually be something that you are very passionate about.

When you dream that you forgot where you parked your automobile or have no way of finding it, then this usually indicates that you are dissatisfied with some aspect of your life. You are not happy with the course of your life or where you have been going so far. The reason that the missing automobile embodies this idea is because the automobile is your most important method of transportation. Without your automobile, you are forced to go on a new road and progress through life very slowly. With the automobile symbolizing the vehicle that gets you through your life, having that missing usually means that you are missing ambition and don’t see a reason to achieve all of the goals you previously had set out for yourself.

To dream that your automobile was stolen would indicate that you feel that your identity has been taken. This is not a literal identity theft (though sometimes it can also be symbolic of this) but usually signifies the beginning signs of depression. You feel as if you are merely an extra in a script that is about someone else’s life. Your identity is gone and you do not feel like you are an individual. This line of thinking is dangerous and is the kind of thought that has led many others down a dangerous path in the past. Be wary of some of the more depressing thoughts you have in the future and recognize that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and you really can be your old self again, you just need to talk to someone.

If you see a parked automobile, especially if the parked automobile is your own, then this usually means that you have taken on an endeavor that will only lead you to future ruin. Subconsciously you realize that whatever activity you are participating in now will not go over so well for you. You know that you are taking yourself down a dangerous path, but you haven’t made a decision about it or you haven’t ceased activity yet. If you really want to be happy and healthy in the future, then cease whatever it is you are doing now that will only lead to unhappiness and strife. Doing this means you will be much better off in the long run.

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