Dream Dictionary Baby Chickens

Dream Dictionary Baby Chickens

When you see a baby chicken in your dreams it is important to note the context that you witnessed the baby chicken in because sometimes this can merely represent a food source.

Dream Baby Chickens
Dream Dictionary Baby Chickens, What it Means When You Dream of Baby Chickens

However the maturity of the chicken also matters. While baby chickens are seen as a delicacy in some places, for the most part they are not consumed by people that feel they are more civilized, or morally above the activity of consuming baby chickens. If the chicken is just old enough to eat then this means that you are probably hungry. Chickens inspire hunger because they are a food source.

However, in many cases, these chickens can also represent basically the opposite of hunger. In many cases people feel guilty for eating meat, and by seeing a chicken in your dreams, the animal that you eat in its natural habitat, judging you for wanting to eat it, then you are being presented with the guilt that you feel on a more visual level. This type of dream is a manifestation of guilt for having been eating so much meat lately. Perhaps it might behoove you to stop eating meat or to at least take a break from it so that you can also take a break from having so many dreams about these animals tearing on your heartstrings for having consumed them.

Another dream of a baby chicken can relate more to innocence. You may not feel guilty about eating meat, and you may even be vegetarian, but a baby chicken is far different from an adult. While an adult chicken inspires a sense of fear almost in some cases and can do serious damage with its beak, a baby chicken is seen as the essence of all that is cute. This adorable animal cannot be blamed for anything even when it is completely guilty. Therefore if you see this chicken, it might be because you feel that you are innocent in a situation.

Another thing associated with that innocence is childhood and the baby chicken can also be associated with Easter traditions. If you are seeing chickens constantly it may just be because you want to return to those childhood days back when things were easier and life was more exciting.

Finally another meaning that baby chickens might have in your dream is that of fear. The only thing more symbolic of fear than a chicken is a baby chicken because it is even smaller and more fragile. When you see baby chickens too often in your dreams you should think about whether there is something in your life you are afraid of in a very physical sense. You are feeling a very real fear of a very real thing, not a foreboding wariness such as with fear of taxes or something, you are afraid of a monster!

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Baby Chickens

Ayur 2018-03-12 08:51:09
I dreamt about two baby chicken. In my dream my boyfriend found these two chicks and placed them in the ash tray but he forgot to take them out. After few days when I got on his car i found them then I quickly took them out realizing my bf must have forgotten. We were'nt at home that time, so I had to search for water(they were dehydrated). I frantically searched for water then I found a drainage which was very clean (it was coming out of someone's kitchen). The water was clear and it had some rice too! So I let them drink and it, and they got better. But there were some other bigger birds there who were kinda disturbing them. Inspite of that I had to leave them cause I had some work. I just left them with a heavy heart hopping they will still be there when I come back.

↑ +1 ↓
Ellena 2017-12-02 16:17:54
In my dream a group of chicks appreared and I had to take care of them. I donít know what happened to the rest but there was only one surviving and I feed it and it followed me around and in my dream I forgot I even had it and it appreared in random moments and I felt bad because I donít know how it had been in my dream but I felt the baby chick had been starving and turns out the other chicks eee in my basement but I never went downstairs to see because I felt to guilty. Now that I am awake I still feel extremely guilty.

↑ +1 ↓
M 2016-05-25 06:13:20
Everything will be alright.

↑ +6 ↓
Jesse 2016-05-10 19:37:57
What does mean if a yellow chick bites ur but?

↑ -5 ↓
Brittany 2016-04-01 09:45:10
I just had a dream that my sister's and I went on some type of tour around this place and they gave us chicks at the beginning. At the end, I asked if I was supposed to keep them abd they told me yes and that they would grow into dogs.

↑ -1 ↓
Will 2015-08-31 14:56:01
I'm not even joking here and I need to get this out, I just had a dream where a living wax chicken hatched out of a chocolate egg and I took care of it and and it had brothers and sisters and a mother and I would play with him and teach him how to swim and groom him and in the end he melted and reformed into a chocolate egg, I was so sad and this was when I woke up. I've been searching the web trying to figure out what it could mean but nothing. If you could help that would be great, there's a few more details that you may want to know that I didn't put in.

↑ -2 ↓
Jeff 2015-05-17 19:58:21

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