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When you see a baby girl in your dreams this could mean that you are feeling extremely fragile in a situation. You feel as if you have no defenses and are being opened up to the world for all to see. You no longer feel as safe as you did before. There are many reasons that you might feel this way but you will probably know what it was in your real life that happened, which caused you to have dreams about a baby girl. In order to make sure that you stop feeling so fragile, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to come to terms with your vulnerability (if it is unpreventable) or to try to overcome it.

The thing is, this vulnerability is likely a mental thing, meaning that you control the way that you feel about yourself and you control your own ability to feel vulnerable. Do not allow yourself to feel like you are not in control of things that you very well can control. If you dream about a baby girl and find that your vulnerability is something that really cannot be fixed then try to accept it and move on. If you find that it is something that you can control, then you should pick yourself up by your bootstraps and get things rolling for yourself because nobody is going to do it for you.

Another possible meaning of dreaming of a baby girl is that you feel that you are innocent in a situation. Perhaps you are being blamed for something that you didnít do. This can be a traumatizing experience especially if you have no evidence to prove your innocence. Even if the evidence against you is terrible, if someone believes you did it and you cannot disprove it, then you are guilty until proven innocent. It is a shame that the system seems to work this way, but in an informal setting, it is the only thing you have to go off of.

Dreaming of a baby girl can also imply that you are simply wishing to be more emotional in life. Adult women are much more complex than babies in their natural state just as adult men are too. But again because of the way that women are seen culturally, as mentioned above, as being more emotionally expressive, and because babies are seen as a more simplistic version of that, you may be dreaming about a baby girl because you feel you need to be more emotionally expressive in your life.

You could be bottling up your emotions. Maybe you donít even know that you want to be more emotionally expressive, but your mind is telling you that you need to be this way. If this is the case for you then you may not know it, but seeing a baby girl in your dreams may mean that you need to let some of your feelings out and tell others how you really feel about a situation.
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Linda moses 2013-06-07 01:25:09
Thank you for making me understand somewhat dreaming about this baby all the time.

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Nabuweya 2012-10-09 14:18:11
Good Day, could someone please interpret the dream my best friend had about me. She dreamt that I was dead, but i had a baby girl with a husband. She (My best friend) could sense that she was very close to the baby because she was the only 'thing' she had left of me. your assisitance in this regard is highly appreciated.

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