Dream Dictionary Baby Teeth

Dream Dictionary Baby Teeth

When you dream about baby teeth, sometimes this occurs because you are going through some kind of transitory period in your life, one in which you feel as if you are making a big leap from one style of life to another.

Dream Baby Teeth
Dream Dictionary Baby Teeth, Dreaming of Baby Teeth and What it Means About Your Present and Future

This becomes even clearer if the baby teeth that you see in your dreams are falling out. When this happens, the transition is complete. Is there anything happening in your life which is going to cause you to change as a person? If the teeth in your dream are falling out then this probably means that you are going to have to start noticing these things, because this change is occurring right under your nose, literally.

If you have a dreaming which all of your adult teeth fall out and you begin to re-grow baby teeth then this usually signifies a regression. You feel as if you are being forced to go through some cycle that you’ve already gone through before and you do not feel as if you have any say in it. This can also lead to signs of inferiority, which can in turn bring about feelings of depression. Your maturity is decreasing and your ability to act like an adult is waning. You feel as though you cannot control your spiral downwards. A great way to make sure that you feel more adult like is to make sure that you do not take part in childish activities anymore.

Of course you can still do things that both adults and children like to do, just make sure that your attitude about the whole thing is a responsible one. You need to know that you cannot act like a child whenever you want and hope for great things to happen. A dream in which you re-grow baby teeth can be quite traumatic and should be one which you wish to avoid. In order to make sure that you are not undermined or do not feel as though you are below anyone else, you should take care to be more responsible and mature in your daily life.

If you dream of baby teeth that are still stuck in your head and are not falling out then this could just mean that you are feeling youthful once more. However it can also mean that you feel as if you have trouble communicating. Baby teeth in an adult mouth do not give you much room to grow and you will have trouble talking the same way that regular adults do in your dream. Because dreams share such a strong connection with waking life, this usually means that you are not feeling expressive enough when you speak normally. Make sure to take more care in speaking. Be sure that you are being understood when you speak to your colleagues and that they understand the implications of the things you are saying. If you want to be taken seriously and stop having these horrific dreams, then this is the only way to make sure that you do not have to stress out about this anymore.

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Blessing 2018-11-23 04:57:35
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In my dream I saw my self breastfeeding a baby .then I pushed the baby away, later I found the baby teeth in my mouth. Wat those that mean??
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Monique 2018-09-07 04:30:31
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I have a 4 month old and I dreamed that she was nursing and bit me I opened her mouth to se 4 teeth on the bottom and two on the top if anyone can help with this it will be greatly appreciated
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Stevie 2016-07-26 06:21:14
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In my dream a child I used to baby sit approached me and put the baby teeth into my hand. When I asked him where he got them he just laughed and walked away. They weren't his, because when he smiled at me he had all of his teeth.
Does this mean that the transition already happened completely and I didn't even notice?
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Ailyn 2015-08-01 14:51:13
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I dream i was in sharp pain so i rush to er. In mydream i had given birth to a girl but had a full set of babyvteeth. What does that mean
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