Dream Dictionary Baby

Dream Dictionary Baby

When you dream of a baby, the most likely reason for this is that you have been thinking about children.

Dream Baby
Dream Dictionary Baby, Dreaming of a Baby: What it Might Mean About Your Waking Life

At least this is what most dream interpretations would suggest. If you have had a lot of children in your life recently in some way then this is a perfect reason why you might be dreaming of a baby, though to be fair this is usually the lowest level of interpretation as it does not delve into symbolism of the child at all. Nevertheless if you have been attending children’s birthday parties, going to pick your kid up at school, or spending more time in the public park lately, this is one reason you may be dreaming about children. Our minds tend to pick up on things that we do very often and import images of those things into our dreams when we are preoccupied with them. This is one reason why you might dream of a baby.

Another reason that you might be dreaming of children involves the same thought process. If you have been thinking about having a child then a baby may show up in your dreams. Whether you are truly looking to have a child with the one that you love or you are utterly frightened of the possibility of getting someone pregnant or becoming pregnant, this all goes to show that you have babies on the brain. And when you spend this much time thinking about children it should not be hard to imagine yourself dreaming of babies.

It is easy to tell whether or not your attitude towards having a child in the future is negative or not. Was the dream a pleasant one, or was the subject of the dream fearsome. If the dream that you had could be more accurately described as a nightmare then this usually means that you are not very interested in having a child at least in the near future. Perhaps you need a little bit more time to realize what the responsibility of motherhood or fatherhood really means to you. Take some time to consider that before you engage in activities which could make you have children.

If your stance towards children is more neutral and you don’t particularly care about them on your life one way or the other then this would usually mean that the baby has a more symbolic meaning. When you dream about a baby this way it may be because you yearn to reconnect with your inner child. You miss the self that you used to be when you were little and the baby in your dreams is trying to remind you of how you used to be when you were young.

Trying to let out your inner child a little bit more is a great way to balance yourself out in life or perhaps to simply relieve some of the stress that comes along with the adult world, but remember not to do this irresponsibly. Letting out your inner child at the wrong time in the work place can mean the difference between a stern reprimanding and a promotion, and let’s just say that there are some points in your personal home life that just might not be appropriate for your inner child to take part in.

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