Dream Dictionary Back

Dream Dictionary Back

When you see a back in your dreams it can symbolize the amount of work and stress that you are dealing with.

Dream Back
Dream Dictionary Back, Seeing Your Back in Your Dreams and What it All Means

Have you ever heard terminology suggesting that someone was carrying the weight of the world on their backs? This obviously does not literally mean that they are carrying the world on their backs, but it does mean that they are dealing with a lot of stress in life. They probably have a lot to do at work and also have a lot of emotions and thoughts to deal with that greatly slow them down and make them feel sad and lonely. It is a possibility that if you dream about backs too much, particularly your own, it means that you feel as if a lot of stress is being put upon you. You do not feel as if you can handle all of the different things that life is thrusting at you and thus, you are dreaming about backs to compensate for the fact that you are not expressing yourself in the waking world. If you feel as if you have too much stress, let people know and others may be able to help you alleviate it.

Seeing someone turn their back on you when you are speaking to them suggests that they feel hurt or betrayed by you in real life. Therefore if you see this in your dreams then it usually means that you feel as if you have betrayed someone else. You are feeling guilty about whatever part you played in making them feel the way that they feel and this is being shown to you again in your dreams. Even if you do not feel like you have hurt someone when you are conscious, your subconscious can pick up on emotional cues and will let you know what’s going on when you dream instead. If you have a dream where you are turning your back on someone else, then pay attention to who that person is because it usually means that you are very angry with them. You might want to come to a resolution in the waking world when your dream is over.

If you see a naked back in your dreams then this usually symbolizes being secretive. The naked back is traditionally something that is hidden away and is not accessible for all to see (unless you are on the beach) so therefore it symbolizes all of the secrets that you’ve kept from others, particularly friends. To dream of a back also means, in some cases to be wary of who you loan money to. Make sure to refrain from letting your friends borrow your money especially or it could hurt your relationship with them. Finally, the back is seen as a sensitive area, because it is a side of you that you cannot see from. Seeing the back in your dream could mean that you need to watch your own back for anything bad that might happen. Be a little more wary when you walk down the streets alone at night and be careful of all of the relationships you make in this time period.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Back

marilyn 2016-12-20 12:28:49
I dream I and mom was driving a car back with what do that mean

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Anonymous 2016-05-01 13:25:01
I dreamt of watching a video recorded by someone that I know in waking life. We never talk to each other and frequently run into each other. It's an awkward situation to say the least. In the video I was being recorded, but only when my back was turned. And in the video it was apparent that I was not aware of being recorded...What could this even mean?

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Bob 2016-03-04 18:18:52
I dreamed that I had hundreds of organized black seeds under my skin on my back. Rubbing my hand up my back against the grain/flow of the seeds pried them up and brushed them off. It is a disgusting image to carry in my head. Happily, if seeds indeed mean money, and seeing my back reflects the hard work I've been doing, the next day, I had my performance review at work and received an "exceeds expectations" and got a larger raise than expected.

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Eni 2016-01-25 02:38:28
I was draming in some small city.There is river that flows through the city.Me, my family and a relative were trying (to find a way) to get close to the river banks cause we wanted to take a bath. There were some (not so high) clifs and we deiced we will jump.Then somehow the back of my relative was in front of my face.This is where the dream ended.

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Susie Q 2015-10-21 07:44:39
I dreamed that a man I care deeply for turned his back to me and sat down in my office/nursing station. He is currently very, very angry with me

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Linda 2013-07-26 15:18:23
I dreamt of seeing someone with their back turned to me and they stole a large amount of money from me three weeks after the dream in real life.

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