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When you dream of a backpack, the symbol of the backpack can basically be viewed in one of two ways. In one sense the backpack is an item that is used to carry things. You can carry all kinds of belongings in a backpack, and some people that go on long international trips choose to carry solely a backpack as a means of storing all of their own good. However some people choose to merely use a backpack as a means of transporting student items. If you are in high school or college there is a good chance you will use one. Therefore one way of looking at the backpack in a dream is as a tool for carrying things as it is seen in daily life for the most part.

The other way of viewing a backpack is that of a simple weight on the shoulders. As helpful as backpacks can be they can also be harmful in causing damage to the shoulders and back from spending too much time carry heavy goods back and forth using the backpack as a means to do so. Therefore when dreaming about a backpack, it can also have a connection to putting too much pressure on your shoulders. These two different ways of looking at backpacks in terms of a dream symbol shed light on the different interpretations that could come up of dreams that involve backpacks.

One interpretation of a backpack, which involves you seeing the backpack as a tool for carrying goods for you, is that you are packing up and leaving something behind. This is not to say that you are forgetting something but rather purposefully choosing to leave a place that is in some way in disagreement with you. You want to get out of the situation that you are in and are packing up the parts of your life that are most important to you in order to make your escape from an oppressive environment. Perhaps there is just something that you want to forget. This too could lead to you dreaming of backpacks. It means there is something that you need to pack up for, some kind of journey (which could be physical, spiritual, or emotional) that you are going to undertake soon.

Another possible meaning of a dream that involves a backpack is that of responsibility. The backpack symbolizes all of the weight that is being put upon you. This could be a physical weight as in physical duties such as work that are being added to your schedule and taking up all of your time to think and to be yourself. It could also take the form of mental weight. You are being given too many different ideas and perspectives and have no way to sort through them. People are entrusting you with too much of their personal baggage and you are trying to bear the weight. Do not let anyone take advantage of you. Try to maintain your autonomy.
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Ronilo 2018-08-30 20:24:37
I dreamt a black backpack, And a car even I dont have car in real life. I said to my friend to hold my backpack because I will open my car, unfotnately He ran away from me with my backpack and I also ran afrer him to get my backpack back but, I saw my car was also took by the authorities Coz they said I did illegal parking. Thatís all I remember

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Deb 2018-07-16 22:56:08
I dreamed of a backpack, 4 flat plastic rectangles and an old boyfriend who passed in January 2018. I had a sense that it was Denis and the sense that the plasic rectangles were 2 pair of shoes.

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A 2018-06-15 20:29:03
I dreamt that someone gave me a backpack to carry i put it on my back and tried to carry it but it brought me to the floor and i genuinely couldnít get up as much as i tried until the end of my dream were i finally got up and then woke up

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Tay 2017-12-28 13:07:47
I dreamt I was playing soccer and I had a backpack on (I am a mother of 3). And no matter how many times I took the backpack off in the middle of the game. It was right back where it started .. on my back. I couldnít get it to stay off no matter how many times I took it off. It made playing the game impossible and slowed me right down.

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Z 2017-10-14 07:10:43
This is an odd one.. I was with some friends and then realised I had to run to the bus stop. I called my mum to come bring me to school because I was going to miss the bus, which I did but another bus came and I got on but I started crying because it wasnít the bus I wanted and I cried even more because I left my bag outside a shop up the town. I was very upset about forgetting my bag.

very strange

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mazza 2014-10-17 10:17:27
I just had a dream that i wanted to go to this place that i used to often dream about going to (a fictional place but i start off and go past some real locations i know). I remembered this place and wanted to take this girl i am seeing but needed to take some things even though thinking now i did not. I ended up going the wrong way to meet her and away from where i needed to go to get to my destination and ended up walking through a busy shopping centre being held up by other people???

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kat 2014-07-13 16:12:44
I had a dream last night that I was cleaning out my locker for the end of the year (even though I graduated over a month ago) and there were endless notebooks and binders and papers that I kept (I was telling myself I'd need them for college), but after cleaning everything out I realized I'd had 3 backpacks in my locker. In my dream I'd said it was for the 3 semesters of my last year, and although I'm pretty sure the meaning is straightforward is there anything else that I'm missing with these symbols? Everyone else was done and I was the last one cleaning out my locker, and there seemed to be an endless amount of papers that took forever to clean out.

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