Dream Dictionary Backward

Dream Dictionary Backward

When you go backwards in a dream it might be important to note the situation that you are in, in the dream which lead to you going backward.

Dream Backward
Dream Dictionary Backward, Going Backward in Your Sleep, What it Means to Dream of Going Backward

It is also important to note whether you are purposefully going backward or whether you are being forced to go backward by something else. If you are being pushed backwards by something else then you should also note what it is that is physically pushing you back. This is a pretty obvious example, but just for the sake of having a good example; let’s say you are a struggling alcoholic. If you see yourself making confident strides forward in your life and then suddenly take a drink and see things start to spiral out of control, you might see yourself being pushed back by a giant bottle of beer. Again, most dreams are not this obvious and interpretations do not come so obviously, but this is here for the sake of example for anyone that might be confused.

Another thing you might see in your dreams is you running forward only to be pushed back by some invisible force. For every step forward you make, you are literally being forced to take two steps back. In a dream like this the interpretations should also be pretty obvious but for anyone that doesn’t necessarily get it, a dream like this usually means that despite your best efforts to accomplish an important goal, you feel as though something impassible is holding you back. If there is no physical manifestation of what it is that is holding you back such as with the beer bottle example, then the most likely thing is that you are being held back by many external forces that are outside of your control. This can be very frustrating, but if there is truly nothing you can do, then you should seek help or try to reconcile your desires with what is actually possible for you to accomplish in this world.

Another thing you might see in your dreams is yourself going forward on a path. It could be at a steady trot or at a full force jog, only to begin waking back in another direction. This choice to walk backwards makes all the difference between this and a dream where you are being pushed back somewhere that you do not want to go. If you are making the decision in your dream to go back then what this usually means is that you have discovered a new way of thinking or a new way of living that will lead you to what you perceive to be as better goals. You are trying to reach for what you know will be beneficial to you in the long run and are in the process, refusing to go down roads that you know will not lead to the type of success that you are looking for in life. This is one idea for what this type of dream might mean to someone in their waking life.

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