Dream Dictionary Bacon

Dream Dictionary Bacon

Bacon is a very common breakfast food.

Dream Bacon
Dream Dictionary Bacon, Seeing Bacon in Your Dreams and What it Means

In a household of more than one person where someone eels traditionally prepares breakfast, on a weekend or even on a weekday in some cases, there are many people that prepare bacon on different occasions. Nothing how easy it is for things like alarm sounds to penetrate your dreams and add to what is happening in them, it is possible that the reason you are dreaming of bacon is because someone is actually preparing it in the household while you dream. Of course this is not to suggest that you have some kind of superhuman ability to detect when someone is making bacon. Actually bacon has one of the most distinctive smells of any food product. If someone is cooking bacon in the house and you know what it smells like then it is certain that you will smell it at some point. If you are seeing bacon in your dreams it may just be because the smell has entered your nostrils and your still dreaming mind needs to find a context for that smell without waking you.

Another reason that you might dream of bacon is less related to what is going on in the world immediately surrounding you. In fact sometimes bacon has to do with food source. This is obvious because it is a food in itself. However it holds a slightly different meaning than you might be thinking of. Bacon is not just any old food. It is in fact seen as a staple of many diets, or at least it was once seen that way historically speaking. Bacon was known to be preserved through a process of curing in order to keep it salty and very edible for long periods, so that it would hold over long winters where you might not be able to provide food for your family so easily. Bacon is still seen as this ideal product in our heads that we will be able to keep our bacon fresh by preserving it. Therefore when you see bacon in your dreams you may be considering your own survival capabilities.

This might occur because you just have to provide for yourself for the first time in a long time, or even ever. Have you gotten out of a relationship or a period in your life in which you relied heavily on someone else to take care of you or provide for you when you were needy? If this is the case then it is possible that you are dreaming of bacon because thoughts of being self sufficient are starting to overcome you. Another possibility is the relation of bacon to the phrase “bringing home the bacon” which also has to do with securing a source of monetary gain for yourself. This has just as much to do with feeding yourself as actual food supplies do in this day and age.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Bacon

Joann 2017-12-23 17:27:50
In my dream there were vegan aliens trying to take packages of bacon from me and my friends and people st my school, and they were replacing the real bacon with soy bacon. It was like a war trying to stop them, so we were trying to hide our bacon behind theirs. At the end, there was a small community that survived, and we had a farm.
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FA 2016-05-30 18:29:05
I dreamt my skin when itched peeled off as if it were strips of Bacon
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DEBBIE 2014-11-26 22:04:26
👍 +3 👎
In my dream I just finished eating bacon and because I finished the whole thing they gave me a second portion - I had 2 big pieces in my mouth with more bacon,eggs and French fries...I woke up laughing because I was Happy
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Janette 2014-11-16 11:37:33
👍 +2 👎
In my dream a man had several slices of cooked bacon in his hand . He was hitting me ontop of my head with the cooked bacon.
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