Dream Dictionary Bad Breath

Dream Dictionary Bad Breath

If you dream about bad breath persistently, it might just be because you are self conscious of your own breath.

Dream Bad Breath
Dream Dictionary Bad Breath, Bad Breath in Your Dreams, and its Meaning

If you would like to prevent yourself from dreaming too much about this, try brushing your teeth more often, or try brushing them the recommended three times a day that dentists and doctors tell us all to do without fail. Experiment with other methods of taking care of your teeth such as a mouth guard or other elements that people sometimes forget such as floss. You may even want to get some whitening done. It will be hard to worry about your bad breath when you know you have done all you can do to make yourself feel good. Also try washing out your mouth with some mouthwash just seconds before your head hits the pillow to go to sleep. This way you will be sure that your breath smells fine.

If you are having dreams about bad breath another possible interpretation of this is that you actually do have bad breath. This can be hard to grapple with, but it is not impossible, just make sure to brush your teeth and use mouthwash right before you go to bed. If you actually have bad breath when you sleep and it is abrasive enough, your breath coming out of your mouth when you sleep can travel up to your nose and enter it. This will cause the smell to be incorporated into that deep level of dream sleep that you are experiencing. So if you actually do have bad breath then there is a good chance that this might be why you are so often dreaming of bad breath.

Dreaming of bad breath can also be a sign that there is something in life that you are embarrassed with. Have you just done something that was particularly embarrassing? If so then this could definitely be why you are dreaming of bad breath. Bad breath is traditionally seen as an embarrassing trait. Nobody wants to have bad breath and it makes you feel gross and disgusting when you do have bad breath. Also importantly, you feel that people will judge you for it, and people usually do judge for something like this too. The best way to make sure that you dream more healthily and less self consciously would be to try to see yourself as being a bit more attractive and try to get over whatever embarrassment you are feeling in your everyday life.

No matter what it was that you did, even if it was something very revealing, rarely will something be so embarrassing that it is impossible to recover from socially. Stop worrying about the repercussions of what you did and try to focus on the positives about yourself. Just because you did something embarrassing does not mean it is the end of the world. Many people routinely embarrass themselves and it does not carry on in the memory of their peers so the incident is then promptly forgotten. Has anyone ever told you that there is no use crying over spilt milk? How about the phrase, “What’s done is done?” Both of those apply equally here and should help you stop worrying. You will go a lot farther in life this way, and you sill also not have to worry about being plagues by bad dreams about your breath.

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