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Dreaming of a badger, means you have been victorious over your opponents. But it is not merely a feeling of victory or a signal that you’ve won; it is the symbol of everything that you have had to accomplish to get to that point of winning. It is a very important and very strong symbol and should be considered as such in your life. You should also consider that it means that you have been victorious over your opponents. That point needs to be emphasized. This is not to say that you have set yourself to a personal goal and then won, this is to say that there was someone actively standing in your way and trying to prevent you from achieving a certain outcome. You stepped in then to triumph over them and defeat them.

While this traditionally referred to violent physical battles in the earliest meanings of the symbol, this is not what it means these days for the most part. Physical fights are usually outlawed no matter where you live on the earth thanks to all of the human rights legislation that has gone on universally in the past hundred years. If you do happen to get in a fight and win, and it is a long arduous and challenging one, then it is very possible that you might be dreaming of a badger in order to show how victorious you feel on the inside for that accomplishment.

For the most part, people will likely dream of a badger when they have won a different kind of fight, such as an argument over ideals or beliefs of some sort. It is common that if you get some sort of legislation enacted that you felt was very important to the future of the place in which you live, then you may have a dream about a badger to show that you have been victorious against all would-be opponents of the bill that you just helped to get passed. But this is just one interpretation of what it might mean to dream of a badger in this modern day and age.

Because of the term “badgering” we sometimes associate the actual animal, a badger, with being overly annoying about something or trying to have some problem addressed in an annoying fashion. If you have been annoying lately or someone else has been annoying to you, then this might present itself as a great reason that you may be possible dreaming of badgers. You are being rude and commanding and your subconscious is trying to let you know that in order to stop you from crossing any major social boundaries or making anyone too angry, which might have adverse effects in the future. Make sure to be more responsible and more mature in the future if you would really like to see some change in others.
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this was a fantastic and easy to understand explanation to my dream of badgers. Thanks a bunch.  :like:

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