Dream Dictionary Bald Eagle

Dream Dictionary Bald Eagle

If you dream of a bald eagle then chances are it is because you are American and are fairly patriotic.

Dream Bald Eagle
Dream Dictionary Bald Eagle, Dreaming of a Bald Eagle: What This Means about You

For an honest answer to why you might be dreaming of bald eagles, just think about your relationship to the country of America and how you feel about it. Are you okay with the president and what he is doing in office? How do you feel about the follow through on certain public policies? Do you essentially agree with everything that is being done?

It is common for people to dream of the bald eagle when their level of patriotism is called into question. This is not to say that you are being grilled on your allegiance to the country necessarily, but it is to say that you might have a few reservations about what is going on in the country politically. This would mean that you are questioning yourself. Have you been thinking about your relation to the country that you live in recently? This might be why you are seeing the bald eagle in your dreams. Perhaps your thought is occurring on more of a subconscious level and you are not actually aware of your questioning of America’s virtues. That may well be the case also. There is no way for you to answer whether or not this was going on, but perhaps this dream symbol should then prompt you to consider your relationship to America more openly and on a more conscious level.

Another interpretation of the bald eagle as a dream symbol has to do with the fact that the bald eagle is endangered. Poachers are after the bald eagle for stuffing, or used to be back before such heavy laws were set up against poaching of the country’s official bird. It is possible that the reason that you are dreaming of the bald eagle is because you feel just as endangered as the animal is. You feel as if you are being attacked or threatened by someone in your waking life and it is carrying over into your dreams in the form of a bald eagle.

Another possible interpretation of the bald eagle in your dreams might be related to the eagle’s predatory nature. Remember that as beautiful and graceful as the bird is, it is still going after prey and will not stop if it is hungry. Therefore it is possible that the reason that you are dreaming of the bird is because you feel that you are in a predatory position. Perhaps instead of being the hunted, you are the hunter in this situation. This interpretation could relate to anything ranging from bounty hunting, to attacking people physically, to attacking them emotionally or verbally. You know what kinds of activities you have engaged in recently better than anyone else ever could. So do you feel as if this is correct? Are you being predatory and attacking people for no reason? Maybe there is a good reason behind it. But either way, if this is true for you, you should cease, because it is not good manners.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Bald Eagle

okie dokie 2013-07-22 00:19:17
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umm I think what they are saying is that maybe you feel a certain paranoia like if someone is hunting you or maybe you feel defensive and feel the need to attack ..
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skeptical 2013-05-17 18:25:42
The author of this "article" needs to consider the saying; "Better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt."
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Julia 2013-05-16 02:33:44
👍 +5 👎
What a crack of cra*. That is what I think reading this explanation of a dream
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Sheighleigh 2013-01-21 22:05:50
👍 +3 👎
Oh, I see. You do not share comments publicly. What a surprise. Let me rephrase my last comment for the system administrators: You are frauds. Stop doing what you are doing and find a legitimate way of contributing to society. I will never use this page as a reference ever again.
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Sheighleigh 2013-01-21 22:03:48
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This is just a ridiculous interpretation. Eagle has been flying in the sky since looong before America ever existed. So, if people dreamed of a bald eagle in, lets say 1200 AD, that's because they are American? Or because the eagle is endangered now? This is just made up, don't take it at face value, do more searching for the truth.
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