Dream Dictionary Bald

Dream Dictionary Bald

Dreaming that you are bald, just as dreaming that you have bad breath or a wart on the end of your nose, or that you are farting in public, has a very easy to understand interpretation.

Dream Bald
Dream Dictionary Bald, Dreaming that you are Bald: What This Means about Your Waking Life

Having a dream where you are bald would suggest that you are insecure or that you feel that you are unattractive. Of course if you are bald by choice or you are bald naturally, then this type of dream would just be routine for you, and you should not get too carried away with it. If you are not bald however, and you are bald in a dream, then this usually means you are struggling with some sort of inherent insecurity on your part. You feel safe no longer socially and need an outlet.

If you dream that you have hair at first, and then go bald throughout the course of the dream, then this could have several meanings. Everyone knows that balding is a sign of age. Cases of children born bald and not growing hair ever are very rare and cases in which children go bald naturally are also extremely rare. So whether it is happening before your time or not, baldness is associated with age culturally and is also associated with age in your dreams. If you have a dream in which you go bald, you may be trying to reconcile with yourself over the fact that you too are becoming old. Don’t let the transition get to you, it happens to everyone. The best thing you can do is simply accept the aging process and move on with your life.

Another reason that you might start off a dream with hair and then go bald over the course of it is that you feel as though you are dealing with too much stress in your life. There is a well known link between baldness/hair loss and stress. Perhaps you are simply a bit too stressed out or are dealing with too much in your life and need to tone things down a bit. This is probably the case. So in order for you to make sure that you don’t have dreams in which all of your hair starts falling out again, you need to seek help, get someone to talk to about your problems, or start solving your problems and getting someone else to help take over your work load. This is the only answer to what you are currently going through, barring a miracle.

If you have a dream in which everyone around you is bald and you are the only one that has hair, the main reason for this is likely that you feel as though everyone around you is more pure than you. Baldness is a symbol for both sacrifice as well as purity. Sometimes dreaming of yourself as bald relates to that, but sometimes seeing others as being bald in dreams means you feel that there is more that you can do to be a better human being.

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