Dream Dictionary Ball

Dream Dictionary Ball

If you dream about a ball, the children’s toy, this signifies that you are probably yearning for your childhood ears again.

Dream Ball
Dream Dictionary Ball, Dreaming of a Ball and all the Possible Implications

You feel as though you are being repressed in your adulthood and you want to go back to a simpler time win which things weren’t so complicated. A ball is easily representative of childhood as it is a classic toy and one that nearly everyone is familiar with because everyone has been around it or owned one at some point. Thus, when your mind needs a toy to put you in the framework of your childhood mind, the ball becomes the perfect symbol for it to latch onto.

Another reason that you might dream of a ball would be due to its round shape. You feel as if you are going in circles, or that your life has no edge to it. Everything is blasé in your day to day existence and you feel like you are being repressed, but you cannot point to who is doing the repressing. This is a common feeling and it is one of the first signs of depression. This does not automatically mean you are depressed, but if you have been having thoughts or dreams like this for some time it might do you some good to really consider what you’ve been dreaming or thinking about lately in order to get some perspective.

If you are dreaming about a ball in the sense of a large dance then this might have the meaning that you want to party a bit more. A ball is generally a more formal way of saying the word “dance” but it is not just a linguistic thing. The word “ball” signifies a certain class beyond simply grinding in a club. A ball is the type of dance that involves you dressing up very nicely in classy garments and doing traditional dances with handsomely dressed men and women in a lavish ballroom of someone’s household who is probably on the higher end of society. So if you feel that you need a little more class in your life you might be dreaming of a ball.

A ball is also a good way of letting loose without resorting to vulgarity or lowering yourself to a certain point. Many people believe that social activities such as attending concerts aimed at youths, is another way of lowering oneself socially. In order to counteract that, these people might want to find some way to express themselves that involves a bit more class, and a ball would be an excellent way to do that. This way they are getting world class treatment for themselves and not having to compromise on their definition of class. This might be something that you are interested in, likely a latent desire, especially if you are dreaming about attending a ball constantly. Try to organize one with your friends, it could be fun.

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