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If you have a dream in which you are carrying around a balloon, it could mean that you are trying to recall happier times when you were a child. Balloons are not just seen every day. They are usually sighted at parties and at family outings, so if you happen to see one in your dreams and have been really yearning for your childhood recently then this can be the connection that really drives home how much you truly miss your childhood.

Another reason that you might dream of balloons is because you wish to rise above in a certain hierarchy that you have become a part of. You feel as if you are ready to reach a new level in whatever social environment you have made yourself a part of. If you are in some kind of organization, perhaps you want to become the president of this organization, or have some sort of aspirations to become more powerful within those constraints that the organization poses. Either way, the balloon acts as a way of letting you know of your latent desire to be on top.

Sometimes a balloon can represent a desire to be noticed as well. Ignoring the fact that balloons can fly into the sky and be noticed by anyone within miles of it that happens to look up at the sky, balloons are catchy because of how ostentations and colorful they are. People notice their bright beauty because of how eye-grabbing the things are, even when they are confined to earth or being held down and stopped from flying by someone else. It is possible that you are dreaming of balloons because you want to have the qualities of the balloon, you want people to notice you and are afraid that you arenít getting the respect that you deserve. An interpretation such as this would be especially prevalent in an environment where your ability to get noticed means everything.

If you lead some kind of seminar, and want to talk and let your opinions be known, how are you supposed to do that when people refuse to pay attention to you?

Another reason that you may be dreaming of balloons is because you find yourself in a kind of repressive environment and you want to find a way out of it. This could be a physical environment that you literally want to escape and leave from, or it could be a mental state of mind that keeps you from progressing such as an idea or a religion. You feel that you are ready to progress, but one stubborn element prevents you from progressing and making any impact. You would do well, in the period after having this dream, to try and evaluate what ideals and beliefs you really hold close and what people and things you would be willing to leave behind in your life if it meant a beautiful future for yourself. Sometimes it is necessary to tear down faulty beliefs or sever harmful relationships if it is in service of the greater good. The problem is figuring out what this greater good might be.
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Sheena 2014-09-21 04:39:39
I had a dream that my 5 year old son is flying up in the air while playing with it. I am struggling to get him back shouting for help and then suddenly someone comes and gives me a small piece and says this only what we found. I got up with horror and found my son was sleeping next to me. Since then it is really bothering me

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Terri 2014-08-10 05:54:23
I dreamt of being carried by multicolored balloons. I remember being able to somewhat control my intended destination and number of balloons I was holding. But overall I was searching for someone, but not knowing who or where. It came to where I descended to location in the middle of a city park and a gentleman smiled at me as I landed. As soon as my feet touched the ground, he came towards me and we shared a romantic kiss. That's when I released all the balloons I had been holding but noticed all the balloons had turned had turned yellow & I woke up.

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Santana 2013-12-24 23:02:01
I had a dream a few days ago, and I have no idea what it means. I dreamed that I was inside of a huge, dark balloon. Underneath me was a body of calm water, and I wanted to get out, but was afraid to pop.So I would jumped up and down. The first time I went higher , the second time even higher, but the third time I jumped and the ballon went under the water and I couldn't get out. I anyone understands this e-mail me at - brooke.james345022@ gmail.com

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Gustavo 2013-09-18 08:06:20
I had this dream quite sometimes already and I would like to know what it means or why I had it I had a dream that I got lifted by not just one balloon but many like over 5,000 ballons if someone could email me and tell me what it means I would appriciate it @ ... Goose.sanchez@gmail.com

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Linn 2013-05-21 20:47:26
I had one as well, we're this light red balloon was lifting me up in the air. I was manouvering it, while looking down there was this field of a group of people dress in red. I was waving at them and they were waving at me. I was quite happy until, until some people wanted to burst my balloon and I told them no. I kept going up, side ways, and down than I moved on from them. Until I went down on the ground and entered this weird hotel and territory that was quite mysterious. Remind me of the shinning movie, creepy vibe but nothing creepy happened. Perhaps because I've been peranoid lately and before that I kept getting attention from a new job for being new so that's what the balloon meant. So that's what the dream represented for me and how the subconscious tells me what's going on.

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Shell 2013-04-28 02:08:40
I have had two dreams about balloons recently which is quite odd now. Its weird how much this speaks to me.I do feel ignored at the moment and I have been thinking ALOT about my childhood and the good times.In the first dream I was in my room and balloons are coming from the roof and I try to grab as many and pull them into my room its pretty similar in the second dream. I do like balloons and I have a weird thing about letting them go but I don't think thats why i'm having these dreams.

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Zhap 2013-01-06 08:58:19
Then im on it.. i dreamed of my brother together with the kids. they keep on playin these baloons until a girl unintentionally let go her baloons then all of a sudden followed by evryones baloons. the above sky was filled on it. seems a lot of hopes begins ascend then pops at top eh? hope not  :(

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