Dream Dictionary Bananas

Dream Dictionary Bananas

Bananas are items that are associated with breakfast and breakfast is known to be one of the most nourishing and important meals that anyone can have in the day.

Dream Bananas
Dream Dictionary Bananas, Dreaming of Bananas: A Look at What the Tropical Fruit Means in Dreams

Therefore if you dream consistently of bananas it may be just because you feel like you need to get more nourishment. Again, bananas are a part of the most important meal of your day, so seeing them constantly in your dreams must mean that your mind is preparing you and letting you know that it wants a good meal in the morning. Assuming that you work the day shift like most people do, you are going to want to feed yourself with a delicious breakfast when you wake up next morning. And don’t skimp on the fruits.

If you see bananas in your dreams it could also be a sign that you are about to wake up soon. Because a banana symbolizes breakfast and because breakfast is such an important meal, when you dream of bananas it could be your brain’s way of reminding you at the last second before you wake up, that you need to eat. Sometimes dreams about food can arise out of hunger. And a strong enough hunger is enough to wake someone from a deep slumber. So therefore if you are dreaming of bananas it could be a sign that you are hungry and as a sign that you are hungry, this could also signal the fact that you are about to wake up soon.

The banana has also recently been seen as somewhat of a religious item by a rather small Christian community online. This is somewhat of a recent development in Christian studies, but many groups believe that in some way, the banana is the answer to evolution and is proof that evolution is not real. If you have come into contact with any of these claims or have been questioning your thoughts on evolution or on god at all, then a dream about a banana might be the result of this kind of questioning. This is always a possibility and it is important not to rule anything out of course.

Finally the banana is one of the single richest sources of potassium known as far as natural items are concerned this means excluding vitamin supplements etc. Potassium is an important resource for our bodies, but unfortunately beyond having the pains of hunger our body is able to tell us very little in the way of what nutrients we actually need when we need them. Dreaming of a banana could be a subconscious method of letting yourself know you need to get some potassium in your system soon, or else there could be consequences. Thank goodness for the involvement of the subconscious on our thoughts, huh?

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Rickey 2015-07-08 05:57:57
Is it possible dreaming a banana can win a ticket lottery/?? If yes...what's the number could be?

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