Dream Dictionary Bandages

Dream Dictionary Bandages

For the reasons mentioned above, dreaming of bandages can be a hard thing to provide a definition for.

Dream Bandages
Dream Dictionary Bandages, Bandages in Your Mind: What it means to Dream of First Aid

On the one hand, bandages are a great way to make sure that you keep yourself healthy after getting a wound. While that cut may not look bad at first, if you let it go untreated, it could become infected, and if it becomes infected, then something terrible could happen causing you to go to the doctor eventually, all over a little scratch. You do not want this to happen. Therefore if you have a dream about bandages this could be a way of recalling your health.

This health could be related to anything in your life. You could be a physically sick person that constantly needs treatment, and the bandages would therefore present themselves as a representation of your desire to not be so sickly. You could be having a dream of bandages because you have gotten many emotional wounds too. Perhaps someone has hurt you in the past by breaking your heart or by calling you names or leaving you bereft at a very critical point in your life. If this is the case then you would be dreaming of bandages because you have a need to heal emotionally. Do not discount emotional wounds; they can sometimes hurt more than physical ones do.

Sometimes when you have a dream of bandages what you are really trying to express is the amount of pain that you feel. If you see a plethora of bandages around you, but not on you, then you should question why, in your dream, that you are seeing so many bandages. In a dream, nearly everything that you remember the morning that you wake up is a symbol. If you remember bandages very well, then think to yourself about what kinds of wounds you might have and why you might need a bandage, metaphorically or physically speaking.

If you have bandages on but do not have a wound, then this could be a sign that you are becoming a bit of a hypochondriac. You care a little too much about the state of your health when it turns out that most of the time you are totally fine. Do not fall into this trap or let yourself get too carried away over nothing. You do not need to wipe down every doorknob before you turn it and you do not need to wash your hands every time you shake someone else’s hand. Take some responsibility and realize what health measures are important for you to take and which ones are completely unnecessary. A dream of a bandage can also present itself as something of a mental security blanket. You feel as if you need a little extra care for yourself even though this is really not the case. Do not baby yourself because it is one of the most compromising situations you can be in, and you should be putting yourself in it. Do not fall into this trap or things will only get worse for you.

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