Dream Dictionary Bangs

Dream Dictionary Bangs

If you dream that you have bangs when you go to sleep then what this probably means is that you have some aspirations towards beauty.

Dream Bangs
Dream Dictionary Bangs, Dreaming of Bangs: What this Means About Your Daily Life

Though it is sometimes debated what bangs actually are or what qualifies as a beautiful set of bangs, one thing that everyone can pretty much seem to agree on is the fact that bangs are a beautiful thing. Many models spend hours and hours just on their bangs and making them look a certain way, using one product on the rest of their hair and another on their bangs. If you dream that you have bangs it may just mean that you are seeing yourself a bit more positively. You are a beautiful person.

If in your dream about bangs, your bangs happen to go down beyond your forehead and cover your eyes, then this probably means that you have something to hide. Ever heard the phrase that the eyes are the windows to the soul? This is a popular phrase for a reason, because many believe it to be true. When your eyes are covered in your dreams it means that you are trying to make sure that people cannot see inside you. You have something important to hide and aren’t willing to let it out.

In some cases, hiding things from people is a good thing. Ultimately we all have a few secrets and there is no one that needs to know absolutely everything about you. So if you have a few things that you desire to keep from your friends then that’s great. However, you need to understand why you are keeping it from people. Is it because you are trying to save you and them a lot of stress? Or is it because you are afraid of telling anyone your secret because you think you will be judged negatively for it? If the answer is the first one, then that’s fine, good on you. If the answer is the second one though then you might want to reconsider keeping everything a secret.

Seeing the bangs in your dreams would suggest that though you are trying to hide things from someone, the thought of hiding them is clearly on your mind, or you wouldn’t be dreaming about it so much. The answer to this issue seems to be, letting the person know your secret. Thinking so often about the secret you are keeping only serves to lend more credence to the idea that, you don’t really want to keep it a secret anymore. Perhaps it would be great for your friendship if you simply did decide to let them know your secret, or perhaps it would ruin your friendship. But you would have to question how important your friends is to you if they are the type of person that would leave you high and dry just when you let them know something very personal. No matter what you do with this information, regard the idea of bangs as a dream symbol very seriously.

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