Dream Dictionary Bar

Dream Dictionary Bar

When a bar shows up too often in your dreams, what this usually means is that you have spent too much time at bars recently in real life.

Dream Bar
Dream Dictionary Bar, Bar Hopping in Your Sleep: What it means to Dream of a Bar

We all know that dreams have as much to do with symbolism as they have to do with repetition and experience with actual locations. Most of the time when someone has a dream about a specific location for a long period of time it is because they spend too much time there. Perhaps you are really good at controlling yourself and your behavior is non detrimental to your health or lifestyle. If this is the case, then by all means continue going to bars regularly.

Being able to control oneself is not usually what one thinks of when one imagines a bar though. For the vast majority of people, it is likely that spending too much time at the bar will result in dreams of bars and dreams of drinking. And again for that same majority once you start dreaming of drinking, this is an indication that you are becoming something of an alcoholic in real life. Obviously alcoholic is not a term that needs to be thrown around arbitrarily, however, you need to take a dream like this seriously when it occurs and think to yourself about how much trough could be in that dream the next time that it happens. In the meantime try to lay off drinking for a bit just to see what happens. If you see too many adverse effects because of it, then you just may be an alcoholic.

Sometimes the bar is seen as a place of socialization. If this is primarily how you view bar life then it might be safe to say that your dream has to do with friendship. Did you meet any cool characters in the bar? Perhaps it was empty. Either way, these dreams would most likely suggest that you want to make more friends or desire to be more outgoing in that sense. You want to meet new people and have their quirks add on to your life experience.

If you see the bar as a place to talk to the bartender in life, and in your dreams you are also spending time at the bar then this would signify that you probably have something to get off your shoulders but aren’t sure exactly who can help you. Sometimes a bartender can be a great person to talk to about random things, but if you want real and true help, try seeing what you can get out of therapy. Trained professionals are always better than average people in these kinds of situations.

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