Dream Dictionary Basketball

Dream Dictionary Basketball

If you have a dream in which you are playing basketball, then consider which position you are playing.

Dream Basketball
Dream Dictionary Basketball, What it Says About Your Personality when You Dream About Basketball

Each position can have something different to say about you depending on which you are playing. For example if you are playing offense and are the main person with the ball, you feel as though you are the star. You want all of the attention and you are going to do everything in your power to get it because you think that you deserve it.

Things are a little bit different if you are playing offense but don’t have the ball. This means that even though you feel like you are a largely functioning and contributing member of society, you have some doubts about your role overall. You feel like what you are doing right now is not as fulfilling as it should be, and are probably right around middle age, or right out of college, the two times in life that you begin to question your role in society most. The best advice here is just to roll with the punches and take everything one step at a time. Answers will be given to some of your toughest questions soon enough.

If you have a dream that you are playing defense then you feel as if you have the put up a shield around most people. You do not trust people with your secrets and let them know that at every possible interval. You could gain a lot out of trying to trust someone with something important once in your life but it is hard to say whether you will have the ability to do that right now, since now is when these dreams seem to be the most relevant. If you want to truly see change in your life then the best thing to do is to tell people some of your secrets and don’t put up so many defenses. Let people in a little bit more and allow yourself to care about others and to be cared for yourself. This way you will realize just how important trust really is.

If you are dreaming that you are watching a basketball game, then this probably means that you are in the middle of some kind of back and forth argument in your life. Or you feel like you are constantly being pulled in two different directions over and over again. Consider the way that the ball goes from one side of the court to another over and over again without having a point actually be made for a good deal of that time. This says that basketball can be a seriously difficult sport to play and to watch. But as a symbol for your life it suggests that you are going between two options or perhaps in the middle of a two sided discussion, but you are not making and headway no matter what. You are unable to get where you want to be because you’re caught in between two options. Don’t let yourself stay stuck for too long.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Basketball

Tyler 2018-01-26 16:44:47
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I was playing for the warriors and I had the ball and I was horrible. I told them I was trying my best and at halftime I gathered "the boys" around for an apologetic speech. Steve Kerr was really nice and understanding but the rest of the guys were pissed. I never nor will I ever dream of playing in the NBA. So it's even more hilarious and strange. That's all I have to say about the war in Vietnam (Forrest Gump Voice)
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Future NBA player 2015-11-15 08:55:04
Same here I just had a dream about me playing basketball and I woke up and googled the dream and here I am. It's nice to see I'm not the only one believing dreams come true. I'M 27and according to Society, that's too old for any rookie to enter the NBA, usually players are 17 or 18 year old rookies and by 27 they been player I the NBA for about 10 years already. But Im not going to let age stop me because I'm going to make it to the NBA and I dont care how old I am as long as I make it..Im determined
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Emmanuel rodriguez 2015-11-21 14:48:05
I feel the same man. I had a dream I was playing basketball in the NBA d league, I'm 26 and also feel it's never too old. I'm planning on trying out for the d league, but planning on joining a regular league first
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A 2015-01-12 22:21:28
👍 -1 👎
2nd paragraph is so true for me I'm just out of college an I had a dream about basketball, trippy!
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Future NBA Player 2014-12-30 12:56:29
I'm gonna be the best basketball player in the world no matter what a lot of people said that I won't make it to the nba, but for some reason my crush,mother,friends, and random strangers tell me that il be the best nba player ever and it means so much for me that I'm willing to do everything in my soul to get in the nba.Some people say, "when life hits, it's a whole different story", well life already hit me twice and I'm ready for more you feel me and il never ever, EVER give up until I die. My name is ----- ---- and I'm the next nba player.
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mike Olsen 2016-02-19 04:43:24
👍 -2 👎
A great ball player by the name of Michael Jordan once said
I've failed over and over and over again, that is why i succeed when i went and played basketball last night i thought about that saying and when id go for the shot i wouldn't miss

Always have fun even if people tell you, u won't make it into the n.b.a just remember to have fun... offense is the best defense and if u think about that too you'll win more and more games.
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Future NBA player 2015-11-18 20:52:12
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Don't know who you are but you have Inspired me and I hope to see you in the NBA soon.
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denzel evans 2015-05-03 05:58:47
👍 +3 👎
Me too hope to see you in the nba like I am going to your dream is exactly like mine well hopefully wee will meet each other there
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patrick yabut rayo 2013-11-13 05:09:03
👍 +4 👎
i want to be a number 1 basketball player in philipines
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