Dream Dictionary Bath

Dream Dictionary Bath

If you take a bath in your dreams then the first thing you want to consider is your level of hygiene.

Dream Bath
Dream Dictionary Bath, Dreaming of Having a Bath and what it Means to You

Check your skin, smell your hair, smell yourself all over in fact. Do you smell bad? Is there a thick coat of oil surrounding you? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you might want to seriously consider taking a bath right now, and this is what the dream may be trying to tell you. Something about most people prevents them from going to sleep dirty and if they do, when they wake up, they usually want to take a bath immediately. If you are dirty, or went to sleep without bathing beforehand, make sure to do so in the morning. After all, your mind is trying to remind you of that.

Sometimes a dream like this just means that you actually need to change the way that you bathe entirely from the ground up. It is totally possible that the reason that you are dreaming about the bath or about taking a bath so often is because you subconsciously feel like you don’t have a good pattern of hygiene all together. If this is the case, then bathing when you wake up is a far cry from what it is really going to take for you to stop having dreams like this. To stop having dreams about the bath you are going to need to start a rigorous cleaning schedule for yourself and stick to it. Remember your body is being fed by your mind and is a tool for you. Become more aware of that and also realize that for any tool to remain in good condition it must be taken care of. Take care of yourself and everything should be fine.

If you are dreaming that you are taking a bath and frantically scrubbing yourself or really vigorously bathing in an abnormal fashion, this may be because you feel as though you have done something morally wrong. Morals are a highly personal business and no two have the same idea on how things like this are supposed to work. However you should note that you might have to reconcile something with yourself if you want to stop having dreams like this.

The bath tub also represents other kinds of cleansing as well such as spiritual cleansing. Have you been feeling dirty or rotten on the inside? If you take a bath in your dreams it may be a metaphorical way of washing away your own sins. You realize that it is time to get rid of the old ways of thinking and go down a new path that is more enlightened. To do that, you must first cleanse yourself. This is how you are doing that. By dreaming of taking a bath, your spiritual transformation is complete and you are now free of sin.

If you really want to see a change in your life then you will have to get over whatever it is you did that was wrong or confess for it. You might not even know that you did anything wrong, it could be a subconscious response. It might be easy to brush this interpretation off and say that it is impossible to apply to you because you haven’t done anything wrong. But remember that washing yourself is a way of achieving purity in the physical and metaphorical sense. Just consider that the next time you have any of these dreams.

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