Dream Dictionary Battle

Dream Dictionary Battle

A battle can represent many thins.

Dream Battle
Dream Dictionary Battle, Going to Battle in Your Dreams

For some it represents victory and for others it represents loss, all depending on how it plays out in your dream. The meanings of these events are stark opposites when set against one another, but this should be obvious. Still, some dream battles don’t end with a clear victory, in fact some never have a conclusive ending at all, so what does a battle mean in and of itself without a satisfactory ending? Keep on reading in order to find out.

If you have a dream in which a battle occurs then you are dealing with some kind of opposition in your life. There is something going on for you, which is causing you to argue with someone or to be in some kind of heated battle. This could be a physical feud with someone that you do not get along with very much, or it could be an emotional feud with a friend or foe. You are hurting one another’s feelings. Finally it could also be a verbal war, one in which causes you and your friend or foe to argue over something.

If you are in a battle in your dream that you win, then this should guide you a little towards figuring out how the battle will end in your real waking life. If you are in an argument with someone and they disagree with you then the only way to convince them of your side would be to argue with them and present your points clearly until they get the idea that you are trying to convey. A dream like this would suggest that that is just what you have been doing. You have presented your case successfully and will become victorious soon enough. If you are in a physical battle, count on yourself winning the battle of strength, or the war of wits. It all depends on your own personal situation.

If you have a dream involving you getting in a battle and then losing, then what this suggests is that you will lose something that you have been fighting for. This much is obvious. If you are locked into any kind of battle then you should count on yourself not winning it. Winning fights is not the most important thing in life and you would do well to lessen the pain of your loss by beginning to realize that. If you happen to have something that you were really looking forward to or something that you have been training to win or something like that, then this too will probably slip through your fingers. Don’t worry too much about it; it won’t be the end of the world for you.

One thing to note though is that in any battle just as in any dream battle there will always be losses before the main win. Even if you are the victor of the battle, you need to take into account what you are losing in pursuit of your ultimate goal.

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Arun 2016-12-02 03:01:38
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I recently had a dream that I was fighting with an unknown person and it was a bloody fight, I almost killed him but he was alive because I felt his pulse in the end while he was laying on the ground nothing more than a puddle of blood. I won that fight. What does this mean?
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