Dream Dictionary Beads

Dream Dictionary Beads

If you dream of beads it could be because you desire to see some unity in your life.

Dream Beads
Dream Dictionary Beads, Colorful Beads in Your Mind: The Meaning of Dreams about Beads

Beads are of many different colors, sizes and shapes. Despite the fact that they all look and feel so different, people put them together in the form of bead creations constantly. Even though they are different, people appreciate the overall design, putting different things together in the service of the larger picture. This is what beading is about. And in many ways, this is what so many facets of life are about.

For one, you have to reconcile your career with your home life your spouse’s life with your own and your kids schedules into your own schedules. Then you have to reconcile your differences with the different people that you deal with every day at the variety of social functions that you attend. Seeing beads in your dream suggests that you are working hard to achieve a kind of unity in your life that may not already be present for you. When a dream like this occurs it usually means that you have accomplished this unity, or it is a suggestion that you should work a little bit harder to achieve it because you are almost there. This unity is most certainly more of a mental thing than anything. In fact little will have changed in the world except for your mind, but sometimes that is just as important as anything else and you should take this into account too.

Seeing beads in your dreams can also relate to your natural inclination towards creativity. Many people are very creative by nature, but going to college and getting business degrees, or going straight after school into a minimum wage job, many people don’t exactly have the ability to exercise their creativity at every little occasion. When you see beads in your dream, this may be your own way of letting yourself know that this is exactly what you desire in life. You want to be able to use your creativity and let other people see what you do with your art.

Some people, especially the people who have to be reminded to do art, don’t even remember what it was that they are good at. A dream of beads is relatively innocent and doesn’t necessarily suggest that beads are your passion, but it does serve as a starting point. You can use beads and beading to start yourself off on a path that will hopefully help you rediscover your true artistic passion. This would be a great way to help you get yourself off the ground and back into the artistic mindset. Remember that not everything has to be a masterpiece. Sometimes it is a good idea simply to create art for the sake of art even if it isn’t the greatest thing in the world. If you have no time at your work place, make some time at home, and if you have no time at home then force some into your workplace. Humans were meant to be creative and artistic just as much as they were meant to be industrious and you shouldn’t limit yourself.

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