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When you see a beautiful woman in your dreams, it means that you are closer to achieving your desire than you thought originally. Do you know this woman in real life? The reason that she is appearing in your dreams is probably because you find her so attractive in life that you can’t get her out of your thoughts. The most common reason that you see this beautiful woman in your dreams, if you know her in real life, is because you are really attracted to her and see her as an object of desire. Even if you do not directly find her attractive, it could be a subconscious thing. You find her attractive without even realizing it.

If you do not know the woman or if you see her but do not have a sexual attraction to her than the reason might be because this is an attempt by your subconscious to remind you to take your feminine side more seriously. If you are a man having this dream, try to let that side of yourself out a bit more instead of confining yourself to a certain stereotypical gender role. It might do you some good as a person and make you a little better rounded if you let yourself out a little bit. We all have a masculine and feminine side and it is important to recognize both to achieve real harmony.

If you are a woman having a dream about his beautiful woman, take this as an opportunity to let your own femininity out more. You don’t have to become all feminine immediately, but try to do some more makeup, fix yourself up some more in a way that makes you feel more dignified or more womanly. Try to treat her as something of a role model for yourself and look up to her. It could be that this woman is a reflection of yourself and her features are features that you desire for yourself to possess. You wish that you looked like this woman and want to be beautiful too.

Another possible reason that you might see yourself as a beautiful woman might just be if there needs to be change in your life. Changing from modest to gorgeous or from man to woman is a huge change and this dream would represent an event like that very well. If you feel as though you are about to make a serious change in your life then it is quite possible that you will see yourself as a beautiful woman in your dreams. This does not have to be a literal change in appearance as the dream may suggest, but it may be something as simple as a change in where you live, a change in job, or a change in relationship status. Symbols such as this are notoriously vague in that regard, though this is a good sign all around. The beautiful woman represents positive change no matter what. If your life has not been doing so well recently, then get ready to be pleasantly surprised.
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Ricardo 2017-12-21 01:49:43
Last night I dream about my school and it was raining. As iI was walking out I saw this beautiful girl that I have never seen. I gave her my jacket , she smiled and said thank you. I was happy and had fallen in love with her she made me feel good in my dream. I certainly don't know what this mean and I would like for someone to tell me. Please help.

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Kitty 2017-11-04 02:58:40
Im a girl and Pia Wurtzbach one the most beautiful woman in the world (miss universe 2015) happen to appear in my dream... Im not lesbian but I dont understand why I dreamt about her. Well in my dream she was performing on stage looking dashing. Maybe because I wanna be like her.

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matt 2017-07-16 23:40:00
I had a dream this morning (i slept late last night) of going out at night with my family to some private party at a small pier near the beach. I could see the ocean beside us and it was very beautiful. There were small but quiet fireworks flying out from the water. Someone had ordered us all lunch, a bowl of noodles, and as I set my bowl of warm noodles on a random table, i walked over to my mom to see if everything was fine. for some odd reason there was a half lit cigarette resting on an empty table. as i went back to where i set my bowl of noodles, a pretty girl who looked older than me was sitting on my seat. she stole some of my noodles without asking and was eating it. I wanted to tell her something offensive for stealing my food but she was too attractive so instead i told her she can have some. i in fact got another bowl and sloppily put some noodles in the spare bowl. she said thank you twice to me and i carried my small portion of food to where my mom was sitting. i was telling her that someone took some of my food and i partially glanced back at the girl. she was smiling and staring at me, along with another group of adults. It kind of felt like they were gossiping about me so i shyed away. then i woke up from my dream.

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Paramvir 2017-06-21 04:15:53
i was driving and beautiful girl in my backseat ....  :) i feel so happy with her .. what is the meaning in real life

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LauraLynne 2017-04-23 00:00:07
I had this strange dream this guy I was with continually told me I was beautiful & I kept telling him, everytime he said it, that "my twin sister is much more beautiful than I am." Can anyone help me what the opposite position of this dream might mean?

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Renotalz 2016-05-01 15:15:41
I had a dreamed about a beautiful girl, one time were just talking and for me its a normal conversation between us, suddenly she gave me piece of "corn skin" then I asked her about it then she got blush and smile like she has something to tell about. And I cut the corn-skin into two pieces and give other to her and I said it's a sign for us not to break apart and she got loved.. then suddenly I woke up...sorryformyenglish..btw I'm a boy.

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Saurav kumar 2016-05-01 00:38:28
I used to see a beautiful girl daily in my dreams.And fortunately i love her in real life too.then what predicts it.

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Andy T 2016-02-14 09:55:24
I had a Dream where I was in either target or walmart and the workers said on the mic that there was an onsale going on in the back...so we rushed to there and found that they were selling anime posters, food, ect...then when I was searching through the stuff I saw a little space where I saw a beautiful girl that took my heart at first sight...I couldn't remember her face or what she was doing when I woke up, but I was feeling different in my dreams it was like I was trying to talk to her... normally I wouldn't just start a coversation to strangers in the real world :/ , I couldn't ask what her name was because my cousins were rushing me to go to the food stands with them...I wrote my name on a mirrior next to her and I wrote "Andy is cool"...I didn't even know why I wrote that but I guess I was wanting to tell my name to her xD after a couple of different events in my dream I remember seeing a flashback or should I say after the dream was almost over I saw her looking at the mirrior...there was a lot of words written on it and she circled my name "Andy"and then I woke up! Clearly I don't think I know her in the real world...or do I? But that's just a little scene of my dream yesterday or should I say this morning.

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unknown 2016-02-05 19:10:28
i saw in my dream there is a little girl who told me you are so beautiful

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Rainen 2016-09-13 07:54:15
I had a dream of a man giving direction for a task or project.
Expressing himself with his hands and walking through the the group of people I was standing in.
He stops right in front of me and locks eyes and says "you are beautiful"..... I start to tear up , it had been so long J had herd that.

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Tammy 2015-12-01 08:13:06
I'm a girl who had this dream & i'm 15:

I had a dream that i was in Africa i'm Australian :P, but more good looking, the place was. And i turned into a beautiful woman creature fish sort of half human thingy!? I was wearing a red dress with some mixed color's in it and brown hair. I was doing this sort of performance/dance, in front of a huge crowd, everyone was happy and smiling at me, then i met this big beautiful giant woman she was taller than the cloud's O-O!She smiled warmly at me and everybody cheered. This dream i could fly freely, it was one of those dream's that felt real! :) Then their was this man, that said in English "Perfect, just perfect!" He was on his knee's praying to me.  :) Then i was really happy, nothing bad happened in that dream, it was a parade i was in, also! It was filled with love an joy and all filled with the rainbow color's.

I'm thinking the dream is trying to tell me. "Don't worry, you'll be fine...in the future!" LOL ^U^

But you can tell me what it really mean's!? -_-"

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Neha 2015-08-26 10:18:45
hello everybody i want to know the meaning of my dream i have dream that i was upstairs and suddenly there is fire in the house evrybdy was shouting me i was shouting for help and i was looking for my sister i couldnt find her then suddenly a girl appeared to me i couldnt see her face well but she is very gorgeous have a bit long hair and very white complexion and she wear a white dress she take me with her i just hug her tight then she started to get me down as if i was in a high mountain now am going down and evrytime i said to her mant thank u help me then when we get down i just saw a beautiful place with many flowers and water as if am in a palace very beautiful i said to her again thank u so so much then she dissapeared and then i opened my eyes i thnik about my dream but i have never seen this lady i dnt knw her nor have seen her face very well i dnt knw who is she but she has saved me in my dream like a protector

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unknown 2015-07-25 07:45:27
I had a dream about a beautiful girl named Denise who i meet somewhere. She gave me a hug twice (who also had a nickname that i cant remember). Denise also had another man who liked her but didn't know her name. When it came down to a certain point she asked me and the other man what was her name. The other guy said her nickname and i said no its denise not what u said and we fell in love but i woke up.

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mr.d 2015-07-18 11:05:56
I saw a girl in my dream that i was calling her to come to my place i could see her whole body except her face (a girl who stays just opposite to my resident,her balcony comes in my dreams and could see her) she came to my home in white colour clothing (i dont know how to describe that) qhat does it mean

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Mr.C 2015-01-22 09:30:39
i would like to know what is the meaning of a dream i saw and felt like really happening. Here is the dream i saw a beautiful girl wearing a maroon satin long gown holding all the gifts i give her in side my future imagine bedroom and i was telling her that i was going to take a bath, then ask her to get ready because we're going out.
The funny thing is i have never seen her and i can get her image out of my head.
I also never ever had a dream of a girl or any living beings.

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Jack 2014-11-16 10:19:51
I had a pretty strange dream last night, it involved many thing but one in particular was me asking my friend where he had put the toothbrush cases ( ?)
He said "they're over there" so I followed where I thought he meant (isay thay because dreams are never simple, he didn't point or look anywhere in particular when he said it) Anyhow I went over and there was the most amazing & beautiful woman i've ever seen (digging a hole.. I think for the cases)

Now here's the problem, anytime something good Is about to happen in my dreams it always.. And I mean ALWAYS goes wrong and the good thing escapes me.

I just want to say before I continue that this woman was about mid 20's (my age). So when I see her I am stunned I dont speak for a while.. I eventually ask her "how old are you"?
She says "16" (she clearly was much older but this was me not getting what I wanted in a dream YET AGAIN)

Anway I replied "No I can't"
She said "let's go back to my house" (trying to tempt me more with something I can't have)
I say again "ican't" but this time I add "give me your phone number and we'll meet up in a couple of years"
She replied "yeah of course" and pulled her phone out.
I on the other hand pulled out a toothbrush case that I thought to be my phone, she then starts saying numbers and i'm desperately looking for a way to take these numbers but she's saying them too fast !

And I wake up...

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