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If you have dreams of bed bugs then what is probably going on is that you have been annoyed by someone or something recently. Bed bugs are some of the most annoying things of all time and probably the number one most annoying pest to have in your house. Even the squirrels that run around in your attic have to rest sometime, but it seems like bed bugs almost never do. What can you do to stop them? The answer is nothing. The bed bugs keep showing up in your dreams because you canít shake this thing that has been annoying you so badly.

Another reason that you might dream of bed bugs is because you feel dirty. Have you ever heard anything described as ďflea-bittenĒ in a very negative sense? Bed bugs are usually included in the same camp as fleas in terms of how people feel about them. And hereís a hint: People donít like them. These fleas and bed bugs both show up in dirty areas. If you live in a dirty area or are dirty yourself then you can expect to see some bedbugs at some point in your life. Maybe you are worried about your house being too dirty or are worried about you, yourself being too dirty and are dreaming of bed bugs because you are trying to warn yourself to be a little more cleanly. Try taking showers more regularly and cleaning up a bit more. This might help the dreams cease.

Bed bugs are a nuisance and are also known to be very stubborn. Do you feel as if you have been pretty stubborn lately too? Bed bugs refuse to leave and refuse to die so if you feel that you have been similar to this lately then this might show why you have been dreaming of bed bugs so often lately. Try taking a more positive attitude and try to accept new opinions and beliefs into your own understanding of the world. Maybe this will result in you having fewer dreams about bed bugs.

A final reason that you might dream of bed bugs is if you feel like you have too many problems and do not know how to get rid of them. A bed bug colony is large, and once it is stuck in an area it refuses to go away. This might be how you feel about your own problems. They have all stacked up against you at the worst time and despite your best efforts, whenever you try to get rid of even one of the problems. Things only get worse, and two springs up whenever you get rid of one. This is a hard problem to deal with but it is doable. Even bed bugs go away if you radically change your life by moving or throwing all of your stuff away, and this might be what it takes to get rid of some of your problems, radical life changes.
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Joshua Marasigan 2015-03-02 09:58:11

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me 2014-09-05 13:50:07
I for one enjoyed it.. made my dream clear. And who cares about where bedbugs come from

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Anon 2014-08-28 08:08:43
Wow, this is very disappointing. For someone purporting to give spiritual advice, this ill informed.

Bedbugs do not come from "dirty places." Bedbugs have always been with humans. It's just that the use of DDT in the 50's and 60's eradicated many---along with wildlife. Increased travel by the general public has greatly contributed.
You do NOT have to get rid of all your belongings to get rid of bedbugs.

This article is extremely judgmental and downright ridiculous. It blames the victims of a very common pest problem for their own troubles, and encourages people who may not be able to afford to move or purchase all new possessions, to rid themselves of all they own. Ridiculous!

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Wren 2015-02-03 04:11:30
the info said "feels dirty" not that you were

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Idalis.. 2014-02-22 03:40:26
Bedbugs Also Come In Clothes shoes EVERYTHING Specially Ppl Have To Check Wen Ppl Give Give U Furniture And Clothes Amd *hit Like That...

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Mama 2012-10-31 06:00:35
yes please do some research on bed bugs. because there are ways of getting rid of them and it doesn't involve moving or getting rid of all your stuff. i do like how you said the many problems factor. and honestly I had 2 dreams about bed bugs this week and i think it's because my sister had bed bugs...plus the problems are hard to get rid of thing...love and light

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? 2012-08-17 12:40:39
You don't know anything about bedbugs. They go and stay where there is a host to feed them. They can live 18 mos on a feeding. They don't live in a space because the area is dirty, they live because the host is available to act as a feeding for them. Do some research on them. It has nothing to do with being dirty. Like lice, they like a clean host. Bed bugs usually dwell in a well populated area (usually tenant houses, hotels, etc.) because they travel in suitcases, furniture, etc.

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