Dream Dictionary Beer

Dream Dictionary Beer

If you want to know what it means for you when beer enters your dreams, it is important to remember what was being done with the beer in your dreams, and it is also important to discern your real feelings toward alcohol.

Dream Beer
Dream Dictionary Beer, Drinking the Night Away: The Meaning of Dreams Involving Beer

Do you think that beer is a great way to have a good time with friends deep down, or do you think that beer is a dangerous substance and should be regulated even more heavily than it is now? A dream about beer might show you how you really feel about it.

For example, if you are more in favor of the prohibition era attitude on beer, but you have had a dream in which you are drinking beer yourself, then this might be a sign that you need to loosen up. Something inside you is making you realize your subconscious desire to consume beer when you dream. You want to be able to enjoy beer as so many others do. Assuming that you do not have a negative history of alcohol, there is nothing stopping you from trying it as long as you are above age. You should know what it is like to be drunk and to have beer if you are going to condemn people for drinking it.

If you do have a negative history with alcohol or have at any point been addicted to it or been called a “drunk” by anyone else, then this might be a sign that you really desire beer deep down. Do not take this as a sin that you should be drinking. This is your mind expressing a desire for that familiar flavor. But do not let yourself be tricked by it. You do not need alcohol, nobody does. So you need to give yourself some time to think and some time to go over your dreams and desires. No matter how much your body wants it, you have to say no.

If you happen to have a dream where you are drinking beer in moderation and do not have a negative history with alcohol, then this probably means that you are just desiring to have a good time, Because alcohol is a symbol for a good time to you, this is how you think about it. It does not mean that you need to actually go out and drink a lot of beer. What it does mean is that it has probably just been a while since you’ve been to a nice social gathering. This is the most likely reason that you would be dreaming of beer. Treat yourself and go bowling with some friends, play some board games, or just go out and drink and leave your cares at the door.

If you have a dream in which you are drinking beer and then the bottle, breaks, what this suggests is the ending of a good time. It is time for you to take things more seriously and be more responsible for yourself. Have a little self respect and grow up a bit. The criticism does not have to be so harsh necessarily, but it often can be if you have been irresponsible lately.

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Jocelyn 2015-08-13 17:23:09
It means either something good is on its way it someone isn't really what they seem  :)

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