Dream Dictionary Beetle

Dream Dictionary Beetle

If you dream about a standard generic kind of beetle, and it is following you around or crawling on your important things, then this usually shows that there is something influencing your life with destructive means.

Dream Beetle
Dream Dictionary Beetle, Dreaming of a Beetle: The Negatives and Positives

Usually this implies that it is an outside source which is working against your better will and judgment to make you fail and fall into ruin. However it does not necessarily have to be an outside source, it can also be yourself. There are many ways that you can ruin a good thing for yourself and I am sure that you are aware of most of them, as most people probably are. It is not that hard to really ruin something for yourself if you take anything in too much excess or get too greedy. Alcohol is one of the number one life-ruiners. If you have been going too overboard or gluttonous in other areas of your life, a dream of a beetle might be an indication that it is time to chill out and calm down on your over-consumption. Also making decisions that you know are bad and will affect you negatively is another thing that might cause you to see adverse effects in your life. Try making better decisions and maybe you won’t dream of beetles.

If you dream of a cockroach or one of the beetles that specializes in helping to decompose rotting animals then you should know that this is also a sign that there is something wrong in your life. This shows that some part of you, it could be the artistic inclinations of you, it could be your finances, but something is decaying. The roach only shows up when it is hungry and it is usually there to help destroy something which is already rotting. But it is not too late to pick up what you need to and save it from being touched by the beetle. Try as best as you can to take everything out of harm’s way so that you don’t lose anything important to you. Now would be a great time to do an evaluation of your life and try to figure out what part of you has been really lacking lately. This is likely the part of you that is most in danger of atrophy.

If you dream of a scarab beetle or a dung beetle though then the opposite of the above is true. It means there is something that is going particularly well in your life. Even though the dung beetle plays with the excrement of other animals, it is known for turning this excrement into a usable resource for it and all of its friends and associates. The scarab has also been a symbol of riches, fortune, and good luck for a very long time. Even though the beetles may look dangerous, it can still be a positive symbol for you overall.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Beetle

Moose 2019-02-24 17:04:26
I had a dream at a park. 2 furry beetles the size of hummingbirds kept trying to attatch themselves to my pointer finger. It was really hard to get them off and I was trying to get in my car and drive away. At one point, haha, I got one off and punched it, mid-air, to keep it off me. Felt bad though. I finally drove off and there were a lot of predatory birds (hawks and falcons) and, like.. doves and common birds - all in pairs of 2 - dancing/flying around eachother. I get home and there were cockroaches crawling around me when I was trying to do my college work. I tried killing them, but I didn't have the heart to crush them.

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Bubs 2018-04-04 18:33:54
I had a dream that beetles were all over me and under my clothes and I couldnt get them off until an ex came to help me

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Sophie Shadow 2017-03-11 19:35:49
My dream I had was about me turning one of my friends into a strange, circular beetle which, if I remember correctly had the pattern of a paua shell. I took care of the beetle.

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Bubbles 2017-02-13 04:46:05
This helped me because I'm terrified of my dream and that I was curious about if I had been doing something wrong in my life and recently I have been the obstacle blocking me.

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