Dream Dictionary Bell

Dream Dictionary Bell

Though the bell was once an alarm system used by many different cultures, today the meaning has weakened significantly.

Dream Bell
Dream Dictionary Bell, Dreaming of a Bell and What it Means

No longer do we use bells as an alarm system in the same way that we use other things like alarm clocks, and yet bells are still made for all sorts of purposes? But what may these purposes be? One purpose of the bell could still be seen as an alarm system for those that are older and have not had alarm clocks around for as long as the younger generation has.

This means that when a bell sounds in your dreams it could just be because you have to wake up soon. Your mind is giving you a literal alarm to wake you up from your sleep for a purpose that is probably important. Did you go to sleep knowing that you would have to wake up early the next day for an important meeting or something of that sort? Sometimes even though you’ve set your alarm clock before hand, with that level of stress and pressure on your mind, your subconscious will kick into action and have you dream about a bell in order to wake you up; sometimes though this can have the opposite effect. Since sound can penetrate dreams fairly well, if you hear your alarm clock in your sleep trying to wake you up, your mind may come up with the bell symbol and add it to your dream in order to keep you from waking up. Don’t be so trusting of your dreams in the future because they could try to sabotage you.

Sometimes the bell, when not seen as an alarm system, is used in order to call people. The bell is used by churches to call people of all kinds of different faiths to prayer. If you hear a bell in your dreams it could be a cal of some sort. It does not have to be a wakeup call, but could be a call to action. Is there something that you have been seriously thinking about doing for a long time, but you haven’t quite got up the gumption to just get up and do it yet? Well then seeing the bell in your dreams might be a way of your subconscious trying to spur you on to action in some way. This is always a possibility too.

It also could be a wakeup call in another sense. You may be participating in an activity which will be detrimental to you in the long run. You want to stop but are not sure when and are not sure if you can. Or maybe you don’t want to stop at all. Seeing the bell in your dream could be a way of recalling a desire in you to quit your negative behavior and start working on things that will get you somewhere in life rather than just bring you down to a lower level.

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