Dream Dictionary Bible

Dream Dictionary Bible

When you dream of the bible, what this suggests is that you have having a religious dream.

Dream Bible
Dream Dictionary Bible, Dreaming of a Bible: All of the Implications a Dream Like This May Hold

You want to have a deeper connection to the word of god. Perhaps your mind is suggesting to you that you should read a little bit more of the bible, or perhaps the suggestion is that you should go to church a little more often. This kind of dream can be especially pertinent for those that are not active members of the church community. If this sounds like it is the case for you then the best interpretation of this dream is that you want to be a little closer to your religion.

If you have a dream in which you are reading the bible, but you do not consider yourself religious, then perhaps this dream is suggesting that you try to experiment with religion to see which one would be best for you. There is a clear reason that you would dream of the bible if you are nonreligious yourself and it has to do with a desire inside. This might not be a desire that entails you wanting to be more religious, but it is more of a desire that suggests that you want the kind of happiness or fulfillment that religion brings to others.

Many people that practice an organized religion such as Christianity are highly self-actualized and really do believe that they are doing god’s work whenever they do something in favor of their religion. You want to get yourself into this mindset in order to make a difference on your life. You do not necessarily need to pick up a bible, you just want to feel that same level of accomplishment that others do when they operate in such a way as to promote their religious practices.

If you have a dream in which you are doing something else with a bible, such as using it as a coaster for your drinks, this suggests that you have a desire to leave your religion behind. It hasn’t done much for you and you do not have the same respect for it as you once did. You are ready to move on from it and accept new ideas and outlooks into the cultural framework that you use to view the world around you. Your mind has been opened.

Another reason that you might have this dream though is that you feel as though you have left your religion behind a bit. You have shown it disrespect and you want to atone for that. This dream is more of a warning of your innermost desire to reconnect with your religious community and again start to revel in all of the things that made it good for you in the first place. Remember not to get too overworked though. If you left your religion behind there was probably a good reason for that. Make sure there is still a place in your life that it can fit into comfortably, or don’t try to force it at all.

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