Dream Dictionary Bicycle

Dream Dictionary Bicycle

If you dream of a bicycle on a relatively consistent basis, then what this suggests is that you need to get a little bit more exercise.

Dream Bicycle
Dream Dictionary Bicycle, Dreaming of a Bicycle and the Possible Meanings it Might Hold

This dream interpretation becomes especially more prevalent if you are the type of person that spends most of their time driving. Otherwise, why would you dream of a bicycle? You need to get a bit more exercise, but you might be afraid of all of the work that could potentially be involved in that process and maybe you don’t even want to start because of how intimidated you are. In this case you need to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and bit the bullet. It is time for you to go out and do some work. Shed some pounds, and you will be looking good before you know it.

Dreaming that you are riding a bicycle can also be a sign that you feel as if you need a break from all of the restrictions that the rigid path of life offers. The most generally accepted method of transportation is by car or truck, and thus symbolizes the more rigid and generally accepted paths of life. You are tired of being forced into all of these expectations that you might not even possess for yourself and want a way to express yourself without hurting anyone else in the process. The bicycle represents all of that desire. With a bicycle you can take side streets and go down a path that is entirely your own. You can ride through alleys and sidewalks and even take it into some establishments which you can almost never do with a car. Basically this just shows that you want to express a bit more freedom of choice and personality which you cannot do now under the oppressive system that we currently have in place.

To dream that your bicycle breaks down when you are on the road suggests that some event has occurred in your life which as acted as a major setback to you. You are unable to make up for all of the stress that this work has caused you and have finally reached your literal breaking point which is represented as your bike breaking down in your dream. Something has happened to you which you feel completely detrimentally affected you in all ways, and you will only be able to move forward slowly in life, if at all.

The best thing that you can do in a situation like this to give yourself some forward motion is to consider all of the things that are still good in your life. It may seem hard with such a big sad change working away at your heels, but you should know that it is not the end of the world and you still have things that you can enjoy and look forward to. Even though this does not fix your problem in any way, it should certainly make you feel like there are other reasons to go on living, and other ways to go about doing that living. Congratulations on finding a new path in life.

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Freckles girl 2014-12-01 16:55:12
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Woooowwwwwwww I lost my love on the 10th of November and haven't been able to bounce back yet . I feel so lost without him here. Sometimes it feels as though I've given up on life. But I dreamt about getting on a bike trying to show someone how I ride. It was difficult because I was trying to ride it in the house. Once I was done my daughter got off the pallet and gave me a big hug. I look and there he was in his red shirt laying on the ground too . At once I wanted to just lay beside him but at that point I woke up
joylin 2014-11-26 05:15:17
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dreaming a lot of shrimps small and big in the water. Some was carrying by friend in a plastic bags. The shrimps a live and jumping..

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