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If you dream that you have caught a fish, then in reality you have successfully figured out how to solve problems on your own without having to employ the help of other people. You now know how to make the world work for you and how to accomplish things by yourself. However when you dream of catching a big fish, this means something entirely different. It means that not only have you figured everything out, but you have capitalized on that informational increase. You understand how the world works and have understood it for so long that you have finally moved out of your beginning stages and are ready for a bit more maturity.

Sometimes a big fish can mean the aspirations and goals of a person. When you catch a big fish, it means you have achieved what you set out to achieve and have made a lot of successes in your life. This is not to say that you set out to achieve a general goal though. Most often the big fish dream represents a specific goal that you have held for a long time and never forgotten no matter what odds were stacked up against you. Finally your life long goal has been realized.

If you are trying to catch a big fish and it gets away, never bites, or snaps your line, this implies that you have hit a breaking point with your lifeís main goal. Despite your best attempts, you have finally reached a point in life where if you were going to achieve your goal, it would have happened by now. Unfortunately you no longer have the ability to chase after your dreams and will flounder because of it. This might be the type of dream like wishing to be an actor or a singer. Most people that are going to get famous for doing that sort of thing have already done it when they were younger. However, this could also be a time or consequence dependant dream, such as needing to accomplish X, before Y occurs. Then if Y does in fact occur, you will never be able to accomplish X, your lifeís main goal.

Dreaming of a big fish can also be the realization of your new greatest goal in life too. This is especially true if you happen to dream of it when there is no fishing equipment around. You were not ready for it to spring up on you and do not have the tools to achieve it yet, but one day with a little patience and a lot of hard work as well as the right tools, you too will be able to follow your dreams to the fullest. Take this dream with a hefty helping of pride attached to it. You should be proud of your accomplishments.
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Guiller 2014-11-23 17:01:56
I dreamt i was swimming with large fish that wants to kill me ,but I fed him something white powder then he goes away . Idk wth was that but that made my heart beat faster when I woke up .

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Quil 2014-11-16 23:49:33
I dreamed that I speared 2 big fish and there are 2 small fishes and ate the larger one and exploded

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Win Min 2014-11-13 06:33:03
I dreamed that i was buying fish heads from the market, can anyone tell me what does this mean?

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Meher tak 2014-09-11 09:12:45
I saw i caught a huge fish and I carried it and put him to a tank cause I didn't want to hurt it and I saw this fish gave me a kiss too

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ed 2014-07-30 22:51:34
Ok so I dreamed that I saw this huge whale type fish and I somehow touched it while it was still in the water and it almost bit me, but a short while after I saw it hanging by its tail being killed by some people who managed to cut it's head off. I felt bad and did not know why they were doing that... then my alarm clock woke me up.

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Wendy 2014-07-29 11:55:22
I had a dream of buying some big red fish from the fish market. What this means?

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jackie 2014-07-18 18:09:05
i dream of a number of huge fishes but it was frozen and i going to bring it to my house

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wendy nevarez 2014-04-09 21:14:57
I had a dream that me and my family were looking at a house and they kept telling me to buy it. It was a beautiful house a lot of acres and it had a lake and as we went to go look around the yard a saw the lake and the water looked black and I saw something swimming towards me and I realized it was a huge ugly fish it looked like a catfish but the back fins looked all tore up and broken it came up looked at me and went back under the water. I was terrified only because fish scare the living crap out of me so I sat there and cried in shock until my mom came for me in my dream.

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Tami 2014-02-07 05:19:12
I have a psychopath for a father.he was a criminal...but i always seem to find bad men to love, though i know better..but this time was the worst and though it ended, i have been emotionally struggling the loss of it for months..bad dreams, therapy..etc..but the last few days, i have felt a change, turning a corner...i am 52, not young...but last night i dreamed of A HUGE FISH...and i shot it through it's top fin with an arrow and it bled out...so thank god..thank god, i have finally killed this fish..my lifes goal to kill this tendency to lean to the bad men in life..xx

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Evy_Dee 2014-01-11 12:14:49
Last night I dreamt I was walking by a pear with my boyfriend, and then I saw a great sea on which the water was still and clear. Then there were lots of enormous fishes swimming around. They were large and looked really ugly, sort of brown and grey. It didn't seem safe to head into the water, but my boyfriend dived in with his clothes on...
I saw him swimming among the large fishes, they were all swimming around but none took him. Then he swimmed back to where I was standing and he jumped up the water. He prompted me to dive in too, he said the water was pleasent and that nothing would happen to me. But I didn't dare.
Suddenly I saw one of the fishes swimming towards me! It dived up and opened his mouth as if it was about to bite me! But then I bent back so it couldn't catch me. It went back to the water and swimmed away. That fish was as large and ugly as the others, but it had different color. It was more like golden yellow.
Both me and my boyfriend stepped back on the pear after seeing that fish. But then there was another guy running around and he accidently fell down the water. The fishes took him.
I wonder what all of that could have meant.

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Rosann 2013-09-10 14:58:10
Last night, I dreamt I had only the line in my hands. I had no pole and the water was like a small river, flowing and murky. I felt I had a fish on and I knew it was so big that I was scared my hands would be bleeding from the line. The end of the line almost slipped from my hands several times as I struggled. I was in pain but miraculously pulled out the largest dish I've ever seen. It did not fight me when I pulled it onto the bank. It was still alive.

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Crystal 2013-07-21 15:39:57
I dreamt that I was sitting on a sandy beach my toddler son next to me. I cast the pole out into the water and immediately a a felt a tug on the pole. I began to reel in the fish. The fish came into sight and was maybe 12 inches long and was a silver/grey color. In my dream I thought that was easy. I need to catch more. My best friend loves fish and knows how to clean them. I thought I will catch them and take them to her she will love this.

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CR 2013-07-06 14:08:23
I was dreaming I was in this big spacious house and a huge fish kept flopping in and out of the big arched window. It did that many times and i tried catching it. after many failed attempts i just let it flop in and out of the window. finally it stopped flopping and the fish and i just looked at each other smiling. i remember feeling really happy. what does this dream mean.

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mike 2013-06-24 04:00:16
i dreamed of hooking a big fish that i was afraid would snap the line when suddenly it flopped onto shore in front of me and turned into a mermaid and i told her she had to grant me wish of wealth in order for me to release her.what does the dream mean? i know catching a big fish symbolizes success...

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joline 2013-04-24 14:52:10
I dreamt i was walking on the side of the river and I saw people catching a big fishes while I keep walking and I saw a middle size fish swim towards me and I just pick up the fish and no struggle from the fish and I took it home

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