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When you canít get Bigfoot out of your mind when you are dreaming, then what this usually suggests is the idea that you want to be more elusive with your emotions. You feel as if you are too upfront with many aspects of yourself and it has hurt you in the past. Thus, you now strive to hide away your feelings on many subjects and try to keep your emotions from others in the hopes that you will not be made fun of for your beliefs. This can be healthy or unhealthy depending on the type of person that you are. But for the most part, we need emotional expression. There are sometimes when it is okay to bottle up your feelings, but you need not do this all the time, or it will lead to outbursts and feelings of uselessness and sadness later on in life.

If you dream that you see Bigfoot then what this means is that you feel as if you are not being believed in real life. People do not put their trust in you as much as you would like. When you see Bigfoot and try to tell someone else about it, their first reactions is immediately doubt, and why is that? It is because most people doubt the legitimacy of Bigfoot as a real creature and seek to cast doubt on the idea that he could be. On a related note, a dream like this could also result from the idea that you feel as if you are just generally not being taken seriously when you come up with ideas or assertions. Try to be a bit more assertive and convincing about what you believe. It is the only way that you will succeed in life and get people to treat you with more respect.

If you dream that you are hunting bigfoot and cannot find him, then what this suggests is that you cannot make your mind up about something in your life, but you are not quite sure why. This dream comes about when you are going through that paradoxical period where you feel as if you have something that you need to accomplish or something you need to do before you can move ahead, but you arenít quite sure what that is, and canít seem to get any idea of how to find out what it is.

Sometimes there is a lot of importance to this period in life, and lingering on your questions can help you make a far more informed decision on an issue, but just as often it seems that lingering on this feeling can lead to a lot of unnecessary doubt. The fact is, the human mind is not as perfect as people seem to think. Sometimes when we feel as if we have been captured by an idea or concept but we are not sure what that concept is, then it just means we need to do a bit of mental tinkering to figure out the bugs. Of course most of this is entirely situation dependant. Only make a decision when you are sure of where that decision will lead you, positive or negative consequences.
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Caroline G. 2016-04-05 10:28:57
I had a dream last night about Bigfoot. But then again, I was watching some documentaries on it so that could be another reason as to why I dreamt of it. Any way, in my dream I walk down stairs from my room and BAM. There's a seven or eight foot white Bigfoot in my kitchen somehow sitting in a chair! I walk over to it and he stands up and hugs me. That's all he does. He just hugs me. And then I woke up.

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Peter Jordan 2015-07-16 11:09:22
'If you dream that you see Bigfoot then what this means is that you feel as if you are not being believed in real life' but what if you do not believe IN 'real life'.... eastern and oriental religions would agree this world is illusion.

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