Dream Dictionary Bike

Dream Dictionary Bike

The bike is a relatively fast vehicle.

Dream Bike
Dream Dictionary Bike, Dreaming of a Bike, all of the Implications on Your Daily Life

When compared with walking it is totally obvious that a bike will get you farther than walking ever could. However it should be noted that the bike does not go near as fast as a car. A car going at moderate speed will be about as fast as a biker going at maximum speed, and a car going at maximum speed is no question much faster than the fastest biker could ever be. These distinctions are necessary in order to determine the meaning of a dream when you are the one that is biking.

If you are dreaming of biking on an empty road, what this means is that you are making moderate progress towards your goals in life. You are disregarding any competition around you and going your own route, but you climb steadily forward despite any obstacles or any objections that anyone else might have. This is a fabulous way to work and you will be rewarded for it in the future. You will receive personal awards as well as recognition in your work environment and from your peers. This is the best way to make sure that you receive what you are due without compromising and without pushing yourself too hard.

If you dream that you are a biker on a road that is filled with nothing but walkers, this can symbolize two different facets of success. The first and most obvious element is that of success. You have been doing things your own way, you are an individual, and you are going faster than everyone around you. You have accomplished more because you have tried harder, and thus you deserve whatever awards and recognition you get for going the extra mile towards achieving your goals. The other level of interpretation comes into play in the idea that you are an individual. Nobody is copying you and you are succeeding because of it. Many people in society are spurned for doing things their own way and eventually conform in order to receive better treatment. Not you, you stay strong and are achieving because of it. Keep up the fight for individuality.

If you dream that you are the only biker on a road full of cars then what this usually symbolizes is that not only do you feel as though your life is going slower than everyone else, you also feel as if you are in danger because of it. In a place that is not suited for lots of biking, cars can be especially dangerous and people tend to ignore them and the laws that they must abide by in order to keep the safety of the bikers all around. An important thing to acknowledge is simply the fact that bikers need to be protected too. However, when you are the only biker, you will be ignored and disregarded. People continually pass you by and pass you up and you are unable to keep up. One day you may be able to see some definite progress, but for now you will always be behind.

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