Dream Dictionary Birds

Dream Dictionary Birds

If you see birds in your dreams you might want to consider what it is that they are doing.

Dream Birds
Dream Dictionary Birds, Dreaming of Birds and What it Means About Your Life

If you see birds acting as they normally do, then you should take a second to notice what type of birds they are for a more distinct interpretation. If you see a regular kind of bird or a bird that is too nondescript to afford any sort of major description to, then this probably means that you are considering possibilities. Birds have the opportunity to leave to any place at any time they want to. Perhaps this is the situation that you have found yourself in.

If you see a blue bird in your dream this has something to do with the ups and downs of your mood. Blue birds can represent both happiness and sadness and it maintains this meaning in equilibrium no matter what. If you happen to be sad or going through something particularly rough, then you might see a blue bird in your dreams. However, it is also possible to see a blue bird as a sign of your happiness and carefree attitude as well. Bluebirds are a great way to cheer people up, as can be seen in the Disney adaptation of Cinderella. Look up a video if you’re not sure what is being referred to.

An alternate understanding of the bluebird symbol is that it is a prediction of the future. So if you are down in the dumps, then seeing a bluebird means that it will be okay for you in the future, all you have to do is hold on for a bit and things will start to get better. If you are happy and begin to see bluebirds in your dream, while these may be signs of your happiness in confirmation of your good mood, these birds can also mean that you are about to go through something sad in your life. Make no mistake though, seeing these means that you may go through something difficult, but it will not be absolutely heart wrenching. If that is what is in your future then you will most likely be seeing a blackbird.

To see a blackbird or any sort of violent bird of prey means that you will be having a dark tragedy in your life. This is not like the blue bird, where there are two sides to the same coin. Both sides of this coin are equal to despair. If you see a blackbird just make sure not to panic. Something bad will happen but you need to brace yourself for it and prepare. Take this as a sign of mercy towards you. Fate is allowing you to take a break and then deal with the crushing problem that you are inevitably going to experience at a later date once you are more prepared emotionally. Don’t just be wary of crows or magpies; be wary of every bird that you come into contact with that is of a black tint in your dreams.

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