Dream Dictionary Birthday Party

Dream Dictionary Birthday Party

If you dream that you are at your own birthday party it could mean that you desire to be respected more.

Dream Birthday Party
Dream Dictionary Birthday Party, Dreaming of a Birthday Party and What This Means For You

You think that people do not treat you seriously enough and feel that you could be afforded a little bit more respect. The birthday is a period in which someone with even the worst track record and the worst morals will be rewarded for simply having been born. Even if you are absolutely horrible, there is a good chance that at least someone will come by to celebrate with you merely out of obligation. But chances are you are not a bad person. You are an average Joe who just wants to be noticed a little bit more. If this sounds like it applies to you then by all means, please revel in the birthday in your dreams. But if you really want to get noticed in real life, the best strategy is simply to be more outstanding, Make an effort to really separate yourself and what makes you special from everyone else. This will ensure that you will get some of the respect that you deserve.

If you dream that you are at the birthday party of another person, then do your best to recall who that person was. Are they someone that you are familiar with? If so, then this is a person that you think you need to afford more respect to in life. You want to let them know your true feelings about them and want to relay to them the fact that you think they deserve a little better than what society has been handing out so far. Make sure to make a special effort to show this person more respect when you encounter them in real life situations. This is important for both of you and you could learn something from it while teaching them something in the process.

If you dream that you are at a birthday party for someone that you do not know, then this suggest feelings of alienation and unfamiliarity. All of the guests at the party are gathered to honor someone that you have no connection with and for some reason you are there communing with them even though you do not know them, they do not know you, and most importantly, the person having the birthday party has no idea who you are. This means you are struggling with these same kinds of feelings in waking life. You need to make a little bit of an effort go outside your comfort zone and meet people that you think will be good friends for you. Basically, you just need to collapse the bubble that you’ve built around yourself after all this time that you’ve been using to keep other people out. What is the worst that could happen? You make a few friends in the process? Doesn’t actually sound so bad does it?

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Tyrek 2016-04-12 09:39:36
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I had a few dreams, but this one was about me bringing in a woman's I don't really know but felt confident to converse with her leading her to the surprise. We sung Happy Birthday to her at a store. All of her coworkers and I. I'm trying to understand...  :like:
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nathan 2015-01-26 01:54:19
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i dreamed of a surprised birthday party for me.. everybody whose close to me is there and they keep singing happy birthday song though i repeatedly saying it was not may birthday.
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tee 2013-10-05 12:19:33
↑ +6 ↓
I am a start up entrepreneur and I keep having dreams about a very successful acquaintance who has the same birthday as me. He is with me through challenges but in real life we aren't in the same business. What does that mean?
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Ishaan 2013-04-12 12:33:13
↑ +7 ↓
i dreamed about a girl i know, i saw her celebrating the birthday in the office and i was a also a part of the party but i never knew that her birthday would be in april and the best thing is, i spoke to one of my friend and he told me that her birthday just went by 12 days ago and seriously i didnt even know about her birthday and we havent spoken to each other for 4 months now. please interpret this dream for me asap
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