Dream Dictionary Birthday

Dream Dictionary Birthday

The birthday is known to be a day all dedicated to the person that was born on that day.

Dream Birthday
Dream Dictionary Birthday, Dreaming of a Birthday and what it Means

This means that everyone related to the person drops what they are doing to give reverence to their friend and family member who is having their birthday. They dedicate all of their time to that person and it is a pretty big deal. Thus, if you dream that it is your birthday, it means that you have accepted yourself. Despite all of your shortcomings, you are dropping all of that to realize that it is your birthday and that you deserve a little more respect than you give to yourself.

Another interpretation of this type of dream takes a more cynical approach in that sometimes a dream like this can mean that you are being self centered. Rather than considering everything that is going on around you and thinking about what you can do to change all of the injustices in the world and all of the wrongs being done, you choose instead to focus on yourself. There are much better uses of your time, but instead you would rather stick to making yourself happy and force others to do so as well on your birthday. Birthdays can seem to be a bit of a narcissistic ritual, but there are two sides to every coin and everyone has an opinion on it.

Another interpretation of the birthday dream has to do with what is actually occurring; you are aging. If you are having a dream in which you are aging, it could be because you are actually afraid of getting older. Age can be scary because with each year you become stronger, at least while you are young. But after you hit your prime, which comes at a different time for everybody, every year that you get older is a year that you become less able and less strong. You actually grow weaker and feebler. There is no real way to prevent the process of aging beyond simple cosmetics. Having dreams where you are consistently imagining yourself getting older means you are scared of getting older and all of the different complications that this process will cause you in life.

Alternatively still, this can mean that you are not scared of aging, but you welcome it. You can’t wait to get older because it means you gain more responsibilities and more respect. You become the master of your own destiny and can revel in knowing that you control the course of your life. This dream interpretation would be more relevant if you were on the younger side of the age spectrum, in your teenage years or in some cases even below. Sometimes a dream like this can mean that you desire to have more respect in your life. You do not feel as if you are being taken seriously in life and want someone to take you more seriously in this case.

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